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Banana Milk with Kat and Dani Wu: the korean drink edition

Watch the hosts of Banana Milk drink korean drinks and otehr zany treats!
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4minute’s ‘Hate’ will make you love them

4minute has proved once again why they are one of the top performing groups in K-pop.
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Banana Milk with Kat and Danielle Wu: K.Will’s “You call it romance” review

This sweet song is exactly what K.Will usually releases. Characteristics of a K.Will song usually include a sweet melody, strong vocals, and a catchy hook. Although K.Will doesn’t explore a new concept or style, “You Call It Romance” is still nonetheless catchy tune.
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Banana Milk with Kat and Dani Wu: Dalshabet’s comeback

With an 80s-90s synth sound becoming a notable trend in K-Pop songs, as seen in Wonder Girl’s most recent comeback, Dalshabet takes advantage of these funky beats with a notable drum beat and subtle guitar riffs throughout the chorus.