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Students discuss their favorite parts of Thanksgiving

There are many traditions people have for Thanksgiving, whether it be getting the entire family together or eating until you're more stuffed than the turkey. Here are a few favorite activities students at Rock Bridge do and love.
Protesters hold up an 'I'm mad' sign at the Peace Walk Against Hatred

Bruins react to quotes by their new president-elect

Many Bruins have strong opinions on president-elect Donald Trump. His opinions are strong and get many people excited or frustrated.
Photo by Cassidy Viox

Students react to election results, wonder what’s to come

The election results that announced business mogul and republican nominee, Donald Trump, as the president of the United States today shocked millions. Read on to see what RBHS students think.

Bruins reflect on their favorite Halloween memory

“A couple years ago I went to my friend’s house with a few other friends and we didn’t really have a theme. We just...

Are clowns threatening to students?

Lydia Thompson, senior “I don’t like the clown sightings at all. It scares me so much. I work downtown and after work, I have to...

Bruins share opinions of U.S. drone strikes

Click picture above for more. In this June 25, 2014, file photo, a Kurdish peshmerga fighter carries his weapon walks onto his base, where...