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Student Views

Student Views

Bearing News asks students about their opinion on various current events.

What classes are you most excited for?

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Will distance triumph over friendship?

Upperclassmen Bruins share their thoughts on leaving their younger friends as they leave high school.

Bruins share scariest moment of their life

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Was Nicki Minaj right to bail her brother out?

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Bruins dish on their favorite lunch place

Five RBHS students tell where their favorite lunch restaurant is and why they like it.

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Technology troubles invite new CPS policies

District removes Twitter block on student Wi-Fi Sophomore Chloe Peterson sits in her fourth hour World History class, her eyes drooping as she settles down at...

RBHS should improve safety of students

art by Joanna Yu We all know the anger and frustration and comes from experiencing bad driving. Unfortunately, the state of Missouri doesn’t do enough...

Perfectionists seek precision, suffer from stress

There are four types of perfectionists, each with their own distinct characteristics.