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Cupping treatment offers unique solution for muscle pain, tension

Dr. Amy Satterfield provides a close look at how cupping is becoming a popular care treatment for people experiencing muscle pain and stiffness. RBHS junior Braden Hopkins also describes his opinions about the treatment after undergoing it earlier this year.

Hydration promises health

It seems that drinking water is a cure-all. Name a problem: acne, dry skin, excess weight, tiredness, cellulite. Chances are, hydration will help.

Intense exercise gains momentum

In recent years, HIIT, or high intensity interval training, has gained a cult following. Boasting an efficient fat-burning effect, this type of exercise usually consists of burpees, squat jumps, sprints and other similar movement patterns.

Women’s healthcare improves despite negligent past

Historically, there’s been a severe lack of respect and priority given to women’s healthcare. Through the years, this trend has taken many forms. From diagnosing any distressed woman with “wandering womb disease,” to ignoring a patient because “she’s just being dramatic,” the atrocity is the same.

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