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Here you'll find a variety of photos, videos and podcasts delving deeper into RBHS activities. Click around for multimedia concerning anything from athletics to show choir.

Want to start a club? Supreme Court says go for it

In a 8-1 majority decision,the Supreme Court concluded that since Westside schools offered non curricular clubs, such as Subsurfers a club for students interested in aquatics, the school board had violated the Equal Access Act by denying a students request to start up a bible study club.

‘Bethel School District v Fraser’ continues to affect speech regulation

Matthew Fraser was suspended from Bethel High School in April, 1983. The previous day, Fraser had given a speech made for nominating a fellow student for the student government in front of the 600 students who attended the school. What happened with his case affects students today.

Tinker v Des Moines reaches out of modern history

Students weigh in about the 1969 court case Tinker vs. Des Moines.

The first time I—attended a concert

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93ASUImTedo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93ASUImTedo What was your first concert like?