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Prom 2012, A night to remember

Prom… What remains with you after a night like this is the details. The eerie blue lighting from above. The confused faces of those who do not know how to dougie. The close quiet of the slow dances. The screaming of the top 40 hits. And many years from now, when people look back on […]

Global Issues hosts cricket match

Global Issues hosts cricket match

Global issues held an afternoon cricket tournament during the weekend in efforts to raise money for their sister school. It was the last event or the year. The tournament was in Rock Quarry park, with about 20 participants forming two teams. It was interesting to learn to play cricket. It was a much welcomed deviation from traditional games like mud volleyball […]

Bruin Girls assemble next year’s team

This week, the Bruin Girls are forming the 2012-2013 team.  They have held clinics after school Monday through Wednesday to set the choreography in motion. During this time, those who wanted to be team caption or social chair applied and were interviewed for the position. On Thursday, the auditions, which include interviews with individual students, will […]

What you missed when True/False weekend kicked off with March March

What you missed when True/False weekend kicked off with March March

I arrived at the courthouse square early Friday evening. There weren’t very many people there, just people with bicycles and a group dressed as vegetables. After pacing for a while, I began to wonder if I was at the right place. But within minutes, people dressed in everything from cows to robots made their way from […]

Indian dancers exemplify multicultural week

Indian dancers exemplify multicultural week

It’s Global Village week! And today the  Indian dancers did what they do best in the main commons during both lunch periods. To my surprise, they added some pretty impressive content to the dance since the last time I saw it, such as tossing colored powder in the air and coordinating a massive back flip toward the […]

Foundation raises money for scholarship

The Rehab A. El-Buri Foundation is a foundation started by the friends and family of Rehab El-Buri. You may have read about their scholarship in an earlier story. The Scholarship deadline is this Friday, Feb. 24. If you are planning on attending the J-school, you still have until 4:00 p.m. to apply! The foundation held a fantastic 5k/ 10k […]

Indian dancers prepare for Global Village

With Global Village right around the corner, the Indian dancers get together after school a few times a week to practice for the big event. I decided to tag along to see what it was shaping up to be. They rehearsed three different dances, one all males, one all females, the last all together. The dance will be performed at the Courtwarming assembly next […]

Bake sale, unique by culture.

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, the International Culture Organization and the Muslim Student Union hosted a bake sale, of which half the funds went to charity. Like all bake sales, they had cookies, brownies and puppy-chow. But being ICO and MSU, they brought cultural food along, too. The selection included some foods we encounter quite often, like […]

Light and architecture

I’ve got a long story this week. During the weekend, my family and I drove west to a somewhat spread-out town just outside Missouri, Overland Park, KS. My brother got a job at an engineering firm there, and we went with him to help move his stuff. The move was surprisingly quick and painless, but we decided to […]

Army Ants start march to FIRST Robotics competition

The FIRST Robotics competition season officially began Saturday. FRC  is an internationally participated competition in which teams comprised of high school students are given six weeks to design and build a rather large machine to complete a task, in this years case, score nerf basketballs, among other tasks. Team 3792, the “Army Ants” has tackled the challenge […]

First Night brings celebration to downtown

I’ve always heard people at school talking about First Night when we first return to school after winter break but never really knew what it was. This year some classmates persuaded me to head to town Saturday night to hang out and get some photos while I was a it. So I did just that, […]

Seniors bring magical moments to children

Breakfast with Santa, held Saturday, Dec. 3 in and around the main commons, embodied the holiday cheer and spirit as children, mostly in elementary school, spent the morning in a classic Christmas world. Seniors served the children, who enjoyed a continental-style breakfast, face painting and other crafts. This annual event was a means to raise […]

Occupy Columbia protest ends

Day or night, for weeks on end, Columbia residents stood at the corner of 8th Street and Broadway in front of the Columbia Utilities building doing their version of the occupy Wall Street movement. They set up camp with food, drinks, sleeping bags–you name it; they probably had it. Protesters would camp the night at the steps of […]

Though winter is around the corner, spring blooms at Career Center

Though winter is around the corner, spring blooms at Career Center

I haven’t been in the Career Center’s new greenhouse. I would always walk by it on my way to construction tech sophomore year, fascinated, but never went to look around. I followed a friend who was wrapping up a photography project, she introduced me to Sherie Rodekohr and showed me around. I’d realized what I’ve […]

Culinary Arts: The Preparation of Ravioli

Culinary Arts: The Preparation of Ravioli

I dropped in the culinary arts kitchen Wednesday to get photos of “Soup Wednesdays.” Traffic at the time was low, and the ongoing class caught my attention. They were preparing ravioli, so I watched the process. Before I knew it, the bell had rung, and I had to head to class, missing out on Chef Brooke Harlan’s demonstration. […]