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From hard-hitting investigations to quick breaking news around Columbia and RBHS, the core of Bearing News has a wide selection for any reader to choose from. Look here for the latest stories circulating around town and school, and be sure to check back every day for more fresh coverage.

Mud volleyball 2017 photos

Before the tournament, physics teacher and referee, Malcom Smith, waters down the courts to ensure extra filth Team Dirt Devils prepares for...

New bill to come, Missouri pushes to raise juvenile age

The state of Missouri is one of the seven in the United States that tries 17 year olds as adults when they commit a...

HB 634 offers charter schools

Friday, May 12 is the last day of the Missouri legislative session, which means it is the final chance for the Joint Committee on...

Deadline approaches for mud volleyball

Mud volleyball has been a tradition at RBHS for more than 20 years. Students get friends together to make teams, create uniforms and trash...

Students protest district’s cuts of German 1, Japanese 1

Freshmen start a petition in response to the elimination of world language classes.

EEE Internship showcase presents variety of students’ work

The EEE Internship showcase on April 28 presented the work of 75 students that interned in Columbia over the past year.