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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A cleaner oval office for school

As I walk into the room, I am immediately greeted with the aroma of human waste. I continue my journey to the urinals and find...

Breaking a fast? Maybe not

Early Saturday morning, Mom fries 12 thick pieces of bacon, bathing the kitchen with light grey smoke and that tantalizing pig-belly aroma. Across the...

It takes one to know one

A recent Pixar film shines a light on the importance of incorporating sadness in a healthy life Throughout my life, I've aimed to be happy....

Power down before bedtime for a powerful morning

While sleep hygiene is often overlooked, improving one's bedtime routine is incredibly important.

35 going on 15

Acting younger: Freshman Anel Castro holds a blanket and stuffed bear to appear more like a child. Adult actors portray teens in wrong light I...

Books are more than stamped words on a page

The Harry Potter series ha impacted millions of readers around the world. Author Ashley Tanner shares her personal testimony to the series.