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Monday, March 27, 2017

Study hall pushes for more productivity

Every weeknight as I stare down at my world history textbook dreading the next seven pages of reading and notes, I tell myself the...

Forget alcohol; blame society

These days, people are simply taking too much responsibility for themselves, learn how to use society as the perfect scapegoat.

Early Native American experience brings cultural awareness

I was born in Utah and raised there until age six when I moved to Missouri. Although I was only there for a short...

The neglect of Thanksgiving

When I was little, Halloween and Christmas were my favorite holidays. I couldn't wait until I could dress up and run door to door...
Photo by Timothy Viox

Trip overseas inspires life changes

Love, unconditional Unwanted American school buses travel through Central America, ending up in Guatemalan cities. The Guatemalans paint and transform them into public transportation, which...
Photo by Kathy Sanford

Slow and steady wins the race

Gymnastics is a tough sport, it is both mentally and physically challenging; but I never expected a concussion this severe.