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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Retreat of service brings joy

Helias High School hosted CHRISTpower 2015. Each day, we would be sent to places around Jefferson City, such as Capital Projects, which is a...

Studious student remembered

Finals are rough, they even sometimes send students to a sad, homework filled end.

Becoming an adult: car maintenance

Becoming an adult is a featured series that will help prepare you for college or independence. It will cover a variety of topics that...

No equality without inclusivity

From person-first speech to including others, society as a whole needs to work toward accepting others without treating them differently.

DNA doesn’t define a family

The classic Disney movie Lilo and Stitch was a turning point for Disney.They had finally created a movie with characters who had realistic figures....

Growing up shouldn’t mean giving up family

Leaving home after graduation doesn't necessarily mean students should separate from their families; it's important to foster the relationships between students and their families even after the tassel on their cap has been moved and adulthood has become a reality.