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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Featured Student Author: ChungHyun Lee

Senior ChungHyun Lee is no stranger to moving from place to place, but is there a label for him to identify with?

Featured student author: Jordan Banker

This weeks featured student author is senior Jordan Banker. Her journey with pole vaulting has proven a major impact on her life. Click here to read more.

Remembering the life of Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher, the famous, talented and unapologetic "Star Wars" actress was a force that the world sadly lost Dec. 27.

Study hall pushes for more productivity

Every weeknight as I stare down at my world history textbook dreading the next seven pages of reading and notes, I tell myself the...

Forget alcohol; blame society

These days, people are simply taking too much responsibility for themselves, learn how to use society as the perfect scapegoat.

Early Native American experience brings cultural awareness

I was born in Utah and raised there until age six when I moved to Missouri. Although I was only there for a short...