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Activities ostracize low-income students

Learn how expensive high school rite-of-passages like prom demean students who don't have as much money as others.

School doesn’t dictate friends

Find out how author Ann Fitzmaurice found friendship across grade levels through the community of students in band.

The benefits of spam accounts

Spam accounts may seem petty to some, but they can be a way for students to vent out their frustrations.

Pressure to forgive is inappropriate, unnecessary

Societal pressure to give everyone a second chance is out of line.

How to power through the last semester of senior year

It can be a struggle to stay focused when 'senioritis' hits. Here are some tips on how to stay strong and power through.

A blast from the past: the power of Pokémon

For my entire life, my family never been able to “settle down” like most people today. Before my residency in Columbia, Missouri, my family...