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Monday, December 5, 2016

Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ Review

Read about Cameron Fuller's thoughts on Lady Gaga's newest release.

Indie Band, Deerhunter, rock the Blue Note

There's something truly special about a band who is willing to experiment live, such as the legends Pink Floyd who took contemporary rock to a...

‘The Girl on the Train’ bears striking resemblance to ‘Gone Girl’ without exciting climax

'The Girl on the Train' fails to meet expectations of a captivating thriller.

A guide to must see horror films

Interested in horror films? Confused what to watch? Read this guide to get a review of movies to watch with categories to suit your interest.

Queen of Katwe: heartbreak in every scene

Queen of Katwe does what a Disney film does best. It steals hearts and even allows for a few tears. This movie brings forth...

‘The Huntsman: Winter’s War’ lives up to the expectations

'The Huntsman" Winter's War' staring Chris Hemsworth lived up the the expectations set by the previous film.