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Thursday, April 26, 2018

‘The Family’ offers raw look at the ties that bind

What is family really? Is it a mother and a daughter, or maybe a girlfriend and a boyfriend? And can you have a good movie without a protagonist? What about without an antagonist? These questions are what director Rok Biček seems to want to address with his documentary The Family.

‘Flight of a Bullet’ bores with lack of direction

While "Flight of a Bullet" had a lot of potential in its subject matter, it was ultimately misused into a terrible film.

‘Makala’ humbles audiences, creates new perspective

Few things in life make me feel truly and actively grateful for the basic things I am lucky to have. Makala humbled me, and...

‘The Next Guardian’ tiptoes between tradition and desire

"The Next Guardian" is a beautiful documentary exploring external demands and inner wants, set in a monastery in Bhutan.