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Abby’s top 10 picks from Global Village

Read EIC Abby Kempf's favorite foods from today's Global Village booth celebration.

‘The Pearl’ tells stories of everyday transgender women

After the glitz and glamor of Hollywood celebrities, 'The Pearl' tells the triumphs and trials of everyday transgender women, shining new light on the modern LGBT community.

‘Those Who Jump’ gives intimate look into immigration

'Those Who Jump' gave audiences a unique perspective into the lives of immigrants and the risks they take crossing borders, made possible by the unlikely directing prowess of About Bkar Sibide.

‘Between Sisters’ leaves more to be desired

Although 'Between Sisters' told a charming story of the friendship between siblings, Teresa and Ornella, some parts of the film moved too slowly to maintain the audience's attention.

‘The Prison in Twelve Landscapes’ impresses with rich, powerful narratives

An ex-convict dominates the New York City chess park scene. Residents of a small, Eastern Kentucky town place their hope for economic recovery in the return of a local prison. The disembodied voice of a female prisoner describes her role on an inmate fire crew fighting the blazes that burn across California.

Eye-opening ‘Des Morts’ explores death around world

As part of the Neither/Nor series in the True/False Film Festival, 'Des Morts' explores the rituals around death in various countries and leaves viewers with a newfound understanding for the similarities and differences in grief.