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Runners race across nation, spread hope against alcoholism

Darin Dorsett and huband Brian Dorsett run across the country after battling adversity.

Athletes push through mental blocks, retain positive mindsets

Multiple factors can cause mental barriers such as negative self-talk, in which an athlete believes they are not capable of achieving a goal. These negative thoughts can automatically pop into someone’s mind and derail him or her from multiple psychological standpoints.

Concussion policy keeps players safe

With between 1.6 and 3.8 million athletic concussions a year, the Centers for Disease Control categorizes them at an epidemic level, with an estimated 300,000 of those concussions sustained by high school athletes.

Athletes benefit from team leaders

Team leaders can either be appointed by the coach or naturally take the position, whichever it is, an effective team leader is able to earn the trust and respect of the team in order to improve the athletes' skill and camaraderie.