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Kat Sarafianos, Editor-in-Chief, Business Manager

Kat Sarafianos is a co-editor-in-chief and business manager of The Rock and Bearing News. She also manages the online site, Bearing News. Intelligent, passionate and encouraging, Kat balances her busy schedule, filled with clubs, lacrosse and other extracurriculars, with her devotion to Rock Bridge’s journalism department.

Contact her at kat.sarafianos@bearingnews.org

Ji-Ho Lee, Editor-in-Chief, Editorials Editor

Ji-Ho Lee is a senior, co-editor-in-chief, production manager and editorials editor for The Rock and Bearing News.  His two favorite people in the world are Jesus Christ and Ronald Reagan.  He enjoys fishing and spending time with friends and family. He plays baseball for Rock Bridge and is a leader of the student section. He has a great taste in music and is a passionate fan of the Chicago Cubs, Bulls and Blackhawks.

Contact him at jiho.lee@bearingnews.org

Grace Vance, Editor-in-Chief, Commentaries Editor

Grace Vance is a senior, an EIC and the editor of commentaries. Softhearted and persistent, Grace goes the extra mile to perfect her needs and wants. She is passionate about her kittens, photography, and writing, and overly succeeds at maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating kale salads and taking strolls in the great outdoors. Grace hopes to pursue an exciting career of journalism, serving the public one extraordinary story at a time.

Contact her at grace.vance@bearingnews.org

Section Editors

Skyler Froese, In-Depths Editor

Skyler Froese is a senior and the In-Depths editor of The Rock and Bearing News. She has been a member of Southside Media since 2015. She is a member of the varsity swim team, the model UN team, National honors society, and other extracurricular activities at RBHS.

Contact her at skyler.froese@bearingnews.org

Nikol Slantinska, Features Editor

Nikol is a junior at Rock Bridge. She enjoys writing and hopes to improve at it over the course of her high school career. This year she is also the features editor for The Rock and Bearing News.

Contact her at nikol.slatinska@bearingnews.org

Rochita Ghosh, News Editor

Junior Rochita Ghosh can often be found in the journalism room, either working on the newspaper or studying for her classes. She balances her responsibilities of the news editor for The Rock and Bearing News with her leadership roles in Relay for Life and Science Olympiad. Her skill and passion for writing, along with her entertaining personality makes Rochita a wonderful member of the journalism department.

Contact her at rochita.ghosh@bearingnews.org 

Faaris Khan, Sports Editor

Last year, Faaris Khan was granted the opportunity to be promoted to an editor of The Rock; needless to say, he took the position without question and now stands as the organization’s sole sports editor. While he may appear quiet and reserved, the opposite is in fact true. He holds an extremely close bond with his siblings, parents and relatives, and is particularly passionate about the sport of basketball. When not pursuing his journalistic endeavors, Faaris can be found listening to Bollywood music or spending quality time with his family.

Contact him at faaris.khan@bearingnews.org

Elad Gov-Ari, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Elad Gov-Ari comes from a lineage of great Rock Bridge journalist and looks to blaze a trail of his own. Despite being the Arts and Entertainment editor, Elad is able to cover any subject in the journalism department.

Contact him at elad.govari@bearingnews.org

Visual Editors

Cam Fuller, Multimedia Editor, Writer, Videographer

Cam Fuller is a videographer and staff writer that has a passion for directing, reviewing, and editing. As the multimedia editor Cam takes great care in making sure the website comes out with great quality videos and podcasts all school year long. When he isn’t running around the school with a tripod or listening to music, Cam can be found in the journalism room or studying for his classes.

Contact him at cam.fuller@bearingnews.org

Madison Wright, Multimedia Editor, Videographer

Senior Madison Wright is a multimedia editor for The Rock and Bearing News. A member of the swim team, Madison is involved with several clubs such as Young Democrats and Rock Bridge Reaches Out. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels and hiking.

Contact her at madison.wright@bearingnews.org

Cassi Viox, Photo Editor, Writer

An up and coming photographer with a passion for Guatemala, Cassi Viox finds the beauty in every aspect of life. An electric personality full of joy and love, Cassi gets involved in all that she can to help everyone she meets.

Contact her at cassi.viox@bearingnews.org

Tyson Jameison, Photo Editor

Along with being a drum major for the Emerald Regiment, Rock Bridge’s marching band, senior Tyson Jamieson is a photo editor for The Rock and Bearing News. Despite being a quiet individual, he is passionate and hard-working, and is extraordinarily talented, especially in music and in photography.

Contact him at tyson.jamieson@bearingnews.org

Joy Park, Art and Design Editor

Joy Park is a senior art and design editor of The Rock and Bearing News. She is talented, kind and enjoys drinking Snapple. When not working on art, you can find her playing the piano or taking pictures around Columbia.

Contact him at joy.park@bearingnews.org

Staff Writers

Ann Fitzmaurice

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Ann Fitzmaurice is a new staff writer to the RBHS journalism department. Along with journalism, she is in the front ensemble in the marching band and bassoon in wind symphony. She is also a Young Democrats member and hardworking AP student.

Contact her at ann.fitzmaurice@bearingnews.org

Alyssa Gibler

Alyssa Gibler is a senior writer for The Rock and Bearing News. Passionate about film and photography, she adores her single mother and enjoys spending time with friends.

Contact her at alyssa.gibler@bearingnews.org

Ethan Howard

Ethan Howard is a Rock Bridge High School senior. He was adopted by his current family on December 24th, 1998. He is a member of the Columbia FFA chapter and counselor at Cub Creek Science Camp in Rolla, Mo.

Contact him at ethan.howard@bearingnews.org

Grace Dorsey

Grace Dorsey is a returning staff writer. She works hard at school and enjoys learning. She hopes to make the most of her junior year.

Contact her at grace.dorsey@bearingnews.org

Siena Juhlin

Siena Juhlin is a writer who’s new to RBHS journalism. She loves playing guitar and going on adventures. Siena is looking forward to writing as many quality stories as she can.

Contact her at siena.juhlin@bearingnews.org

Ji-Sung Lee

Ji-Sung Lee is a sophomore and a writer for the Rock as well as Bearing News.  She enjoys being a part of the cross country and track team as well as cheering for her teammates.  When she isn’t running, she loves spending time with friends and exploring new places.

Contact her at jisung.lee@bearingnews.org

Emily Oba

Emily Oba is a sophomore writer for the RBHS newspaper. She loves her friends and would do anything for them. Her passion is gymnastics and she hopes to do it at a collegiate level. She enjoys spending her free time watching shows on Netflix.

Contact her at emily.oba@bearingnews.org

Katie Whaley

Katie Whaley is a sophomore and a new addition to the newspaper staff. When she isn’t working hard on The Rock or Bearing News, she golfs on the junior varsity golf team. She always seeks to better herself and her writing with new experiences like joining drama club and art club.

Contact her at katie.whaley@bearingnews.org


Dzung Nguyen

A kind, intelligent and hard-working senior artist Dzung Nguyen, despite spending lots of time on art and journalism, also boasts a busy schedule and several extracurricular activities. She particularly enjoys Korean popular culture and sloths.

Contact her at dzung.nguyen@bearingnews.org

Joanna Yu

Joanna Yu, known as Jojo to many, is a sweet and dependable senior. A musically gifted artist, Joanna enjoys Beethoven, Korean popular culture and boba tea.

Contact her at joanna.yu@bearingnews.org

Moy Zhong

Despite being the youngest artist of The Rock and Bearing News, sophomore Moy Zhong is wonderfully talented and creative. A percussionist in the Emerald Regiment and a hard worker, she enjoys taking photos with her Polaroid camera and listening to indie artists.

Contact her at moy.zhong@bearingnews.org


Abby Blitz

As a photographer for The Rock and Bearing News as well as a co-editor-in-chief of the Yearbook, senior Abby Blitz is fully engulfed in the Rock Bridge journalism department. A funny and outgoing person, Abby is always fun to be around. 

Contact her at abby.blitz@bearingnews.org

Kristine Cho

Kristine Cho, a talkative and supposedly short junior, is an accomplished musician and recreational fencer with a love for speech and debate. While not able to do all at once, she does quite well with them individually. Her love of writing provides a medium for her constant flow of ideas, coming from contemplating books read even long ago to injustices seen and heard today.

Contact her at kristine.cho@bearingnews.org

Yousuf El-Jayyousi

A hardworking, intelligent junior, Yousuf has a great passion for photography, Arabic calligraphy, social issues and science. He hopes to pursue robotic prosthetics engineering for victims of war and oppression in the future.

Contact him at yousuf.eljayyousi@bearingnews.org

Éléa Gilles

A French foreign exchange student, junior Éléa Gilles is a humorous, hard-working photographer. Always seeking new opportunities, she is never afraid to take on a new project or challenge, whether it be inside or outside the journalism room.

Contact her at elea.giles@bearingnews.org