Brett Stover

Brett Stover is a senior with a lot of opinions. His position as principle clarinetist in the top instrumental ensemble and his slicked hair distinguish him from any average teen. Many say that this young political ball of energy resembles the famed politician Mitt Romney, but somehow he manages to deny the similarity. Despite dodging the paparazzi, he manages to find time in his ridiculously busy day to be the Rock’s and BearingNews’ Editor in Chief. Contact him at [email protected]

Renata Williams

Renata’s sort of ok, I guess. -Written poetically by Sophie Whyte


Production Editor

Emily Franke

Emily Franke, an adolescent prodigy, holds a broad spectrum of talents. When she’s not acing her AP tests, she’s a flutist in the prestigious Rock Bridge Marching Band, or perhaps playing a rough game of lacrosse. Also, she is a rescuer of the black kittens Bon Qui Qui and Shaniqua which she cares for like a good mama cat would do. She bakes like nobody’s business, putting any iron chef to shame. Her incredible writing on Bearing News fascinates the world. Keep an eye on this one, folks.


Web Editors

News and Community Editor

Luke Chval

Luke is the outgoing and crazy of the two sophomores in Newspaper. He hates computers and prefers Motown and Classic Rock to today’s hip hop and rap. Luke daily frequents either Panera Bread or B&B Bagel for breakfast. Despite his Czech ancestry, Luke prefers to dine on deep dish pizza and Chicago style hot dogs, as he is a native of Chicago. Luke is a Notre Dame fanatic, and often skips school to watch them play a variety of sports. As the commentary and blogs editor, Luke is the first ever sophomore editor for the Rock. (Written by Derek Wang)


Sports Editors

Harsh Singh

Harsh Singh is a senior and plays for the Rock Bridge tennis team.

Graham Ratermann


Features Editor

Jenna Liu

Jenna is obsessed with perfection. That line has a minuscule curve. Redo it. You got a 44 out of 45, ask for extra credit. Everything must be perfect. While not trying to be perfect, which is almost an all-consuming job, Jenna puts together trendy outfits and grunts to get what she wants. She has an extremely low tolerance for ignorance and is a flaming feminist. Keep your eyes on this one, it’s always the small ones you need to watch out for. (Written by Abby Kempf)


In-Depths and Special Reports Editor

Abby Kempf

Abby Kempf is a Harry Potter enthusiast, hard core liberal, and proud grower of curly “lion-mane-esque” hair. When she is not creating dance routines to Mamma Mia she is listening to her other favorite musicals on full volume while violently singing along. Don’t be surprised if she responds to you by breaking into song. Also don’t get offended if she uses her supreme sarcasm skills on you; she just can’t help herself. Lastly, please do not touch her if you value your life.


Editorials Editor

Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi

Abdul has lived in Columbia his entire life, but his parents are originally from Iraq. He likes video games, computers, soccer, and writing. He spends a lot of time watching videos on YouTube and he is a big procrastinator. To contact him, send an e-mail to [email protected]


Commentary and Blogs Editor

Derek Wang

Derek is the shy and timid of the two original juniors in Newspaper. He is a rice farmer by day and a ninja by night. He spends his time playing three instruments and playing tennis for Rock Bridge. Derek likes to eat rice and kung pao chicken while playing his violin. Derek is malicious to enemies but kind to his friends. His favorite day of the week is Doubles Thursday, and carries around sharpened chopsticks to ward off enemies. (Written by Luke Chval)


Arts & Entertainment Editor

Ashley Tanner


Health & Wellness and Science & Technology Editor

Alice Yu

Alice Yu is a little out there. She often talks in a baby voice that you can’t quite call endearing or extremely annoying. She is three years old at heart, and, well, in every other way imaginable. Alice is smart, but not one of those “I must get a 4.0 or my life is over” kids, which is nice. She takes after her sister Daphne and even though you might not notice, she possess Daphne’s crude and angry side. She plays piano and violin, but can’t sing worth a darn. (Written by Abby Kempf)


Art Editor


Staff Writers

Caylea Erickson

Emily Unterschutz

Grace Vance

John Flanegin

Though small in stature, John’s defiant personality gives way to indifferent expression. Tending to spend the majority of class scrolling through his phone, John seems to have a more active social life on twitter than in school. His wittiness can prove to bring humor in the darkest times but can also become increasingly annoying and hair-raising. John also wrestles for Rock Bridge (Written by Alice Yu)

Nicole Schroeder



Devesh Kumar

Devesh loves taking photos, learning new skills such as various technologies and helping those around him in whatever way he can. He can recite pi if you ask him and is a faithful friend.