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Afsah Khan

 About Afsah Khan

Afsah Khan, art editor, skates through life under the believable façade of a sweet, introverted Pakistani girl with flawless skin and an enticingly melodic laugh which graces the journalism room at the most unexpected times.  Beneath her shy and collected exterior, however, Afsah is a crazy party girl at heart with a quick wit and the ability to politely insult anyone without them ever realizing it.  She still dots her “i”s with tiny hearts and loves spending time with her family more than any teenager you’ll ever meet. She has lustrous dark hair which can always be found cascading gently over her left shoulder in a perfect side-ponytail. To Contact Afsah, email her at [email protected]

Bio by Anna Wright

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Urmila Kutikkad

 About Urmila Kutikkad

Though at first glance all you may see when you look at Urmila is a jumble of awkward Indian, a whole lot of hair, and a striking resemblance to a sloth, there is much more beneath the surface. Despite the tall, lanky exterior, Urmila is a fat cat-lady at heart who would be contented spending her days eating rosemary olive-oil bread and listening to Bon Iver on replay. In addition to being a human dictionary and knowing every tidbit of Harry Potter trivia, Urmila’s true passion lies in singing, even though she refuses to believe that her voice is like liquid gold. Unable to make eye contact with most people, big crowds intimidate this soft-spoken being, and it may take a while before she opens up to you. But you will find that, when she does, the wait was well worth it because no words can describe the deep caring and selflessness that Urmila treats everyone she encounters with. To contact Urmila, email her at [email protected]

Bio by Trisha Chaudhary

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Newspaper Editors-in-Chiefs

Ashleigh Atasoy

 About Ashleigh Atasoy

Half Turkish-half White, Ashleigh Atasoy is one cool drink of water. She’s got a Middle Eastern temper mixed in with all those White-people heartburn problems. To top it all off she’s as blunt as a butter knife and will say like she sees it. When she’s not playing practical jokes on friends or recounting hilarious encounters that could only happen to her, Ashleigh’s most probably shopping or being athletic. Forever traumatized by the evil-eye bracelet gifted to her at the age of seven by crazy Turkish relatives, Ashleigh has fully embraced her heritage by claiming that she is 100% Caucasian. As unconventional as she is opinionated, Ashleigh does as much as possible to give to those less fortunate than her and has a heart of gold … sometimes.

Bio by Trisha Chaudhary

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Trisha Chaudhary

 About Trisha Chaudhary

When’s she’s not spewing sarcastic nonsense or making gutteral noises to entertain herself and scare others, Trisha’s probably hanging out with her friends, shopping, or watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” for the 30th time–which is to her, a girl’s best friend. But under her hard exterior, deep down there is a frozen jelly bean of a heart, which she claims has a molten, butterbeer flavored interior. For a straight shot to this frigid jelly bean, buy her a scarf, or better yet make a Harry Potter reference. To contact Trisha, send an email to [email protected]

Bio by Ashleigh Atasoy

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Manal Salim

 About Manal Salim

Manal Salim. A name known to all in the journalism room. A name associated with rainbows and sunshine. If she isn’t smiling and asking what she can do for others, Manal is nearly dying of embarrassment from the constant compliments that her friends shower her with. No one can resist smiling in her presence. Manal is the epitome of happiness and is the only one who can justify the writing of a bio as cheesy as this. Unaffected by the mother nature, neither heat nor sunshine affects Manal’s porcelain face. Looking at Manal is like looking into the sun: always bright, always happy, but without the obnoxious constant “glass is half full” outlook that seems to get on people’s nerves. Or at least mine. So do yourself a favor and get to know her. Contact Manal at [email protected]

Bio by Trisha Chaudhary

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Online Production Editor

John Gillis

 About John Gillis

I’m a person of many interests, two of them being journalism and coding websites. Here at, I get to use both of them! Contact me at [email protected]

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Newspaper Production Editor

Brittany Cornelison

 About Brittany Cornelison

Brittany Cornelison is totally awesome junior. She loves school and homework is her favorite pastime … not really. Actually, she has spent the majority of her Junior year so far with her friends, writing for The Rock and participating in her church’s youth group. She is a great girl with lots of talent and tons of smiles. Brittany is actively involved in her community and loves to use her experiences to enhance her creative love of writing. Contact me at [email protected]

Bio by Kristen Buster

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Web Editors


News Editor

Brett Stover

IMG_1602 About Brett Stover

Brett is a sophomore writing for Bearing News. He loves acting and marching band (clarinet), and his schedule is way more full than it should be. Brett enjoys reading Shakespeare and watching Star Trek, along with a complusive need to know the news. Above all, however, he reads, watches, discusses, contemplates, obsesses over, and writes about politics. Follow him on Twitter at @brettastover.

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Sports Editors

Brayden Parker

About Brayden Parker

Brayden is a first year staff member, yet is fully enjoying being the co-sports editor of both the Rock and Bearing News. Aside from journalism, Brayden starts at Offensive Tackle for the Bruin football team and plays saxophone in the Emerald Regiment. Most importantly, he loves God, family, and friends!

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Harsh Singh

HarshAbout Harsh Singh

Harsh Singh is a junior and plays for the Rock Bridge tennis team. He enjoys taking on challenges in school and out of school. Born in the Indian capital, he can fluently speak Hindi and easily comprehend it.

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Features Editor

Justin Sutherland

Justin  About Justin Sutherland

Justin Sutherland is usually found reading or socializing with others. Soccer is his hobby and a social experience for him. Justin plans to attend Johnson University to study to be a vocational minister with a bright and non-judgmental personality.

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In-Depths and Special Reports Editor

Emily Franke

Emily  About Emily Franke

Emily Franke, an adolescent prodigy, holds a broad spectrum of talents. When she’s not acing her AP tests, she’s a flutist in the prestigious Rock Bridge Marching Band, or perhaps playing a rough game of lacrosse.  Also, she is a rescuer of the black kittens Bon Qui Qui and Shaniqua which she cares for like a good mama cat would do. She bakes like nobody’s business, putting any iron chef to shame. Her incredible writing on Bearing News fascinates the world. Keep an eye on this one, folks.

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Editorials Editor

Hagar Gov-Ari

 About Hagar Gov-Ari

Hagar Gov-Ari is one spicy piece of Jew. She’s not your average plate of hummus and adds an extra clove of garlic to every situation. Hagar has a knack for terrifying everyone that doesn’t know her and never fully wipes that annoyed expression off of her face. Though at first glance she can have you sprinting in the other direction, Hagar really is a gentle Jew who just wants the J-Writers to “finish their [dang] sports wrap-ups!” This petite hottie-patotie can either be found pulling her hair out in the J-lab or otherwise roaming the halls during AP US with her friend Alicia. Though it may not seem like it, Hagar really is just one big softie whose email to this day remains To contact Hagar, email here at [email protected]

Bio by Trisha Chaudhary

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Commentary and Blogs Editor

Luke Chval


Luke About Luke Chval

Luke is the outgoing and crazy of the two sophomores in Newspaper. He hates computers and prefers Motown and Classic Rock to today’s hip hop and rap. Luke daily frequents either Panera Bread or B&B Bagel for breakfast. Despite his Czech ancestry, Luke prefers to dine on deep dish pizza and Chicago style hot dogs, as he is a native of Chicago. Luke is a Notre Dame fanatic, and often skips school to watch them play a variety of sports. As the commentary and blogs editor, Luke is the first ever sophomore editor for the Rock.

Bio by Derek Wang

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Arts & Entertainment Editor

Sophie Whyte

Sophie About Sophie Whyte

Sophie Whyte. A convivial vegan Canadian who possesses an unhealthy obsession for maple syrup, which she drinks out of a coffee mug every morning as she ponders the meaning of life. A proud reader and writer of things, Sophie spends her days idly presenting cello concerts for her dog, and enjoying life as a lover of peanut butter. She is a quirky, quick witted, comically short intellectual. You can be sure to find  Sophie exploring the halls of RBHS in her purple adventure rain boots, looking for a good story to write for Bearing News, be sure to say Hi and strike up a conversation because she loves to converse about most anything, especially the hardships of being an AP student. She is absolutely crazy and if to be described by one single word, it would most definitely be FRIEND.

Bio written by Mikaela Acton

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Health & Wellness Editor

Anna Wright

Anna About Anna Wright

Although at first sight Anna Wright may be noticed for her beautiful brown hair, her eloquent fashion sense, and her fitting position of Health & Wellness editor, one should not be fooled. Anna Wright is awkward. Anna is known for spontaneously blushing a bright rose-like tint, and it is a proven fact that she breaks out in hives around cute boys. Along with being cursed with these odd, unnatural quirks, Anna adds to her awkwardness by wearing sandals that expose her abnormally long feet, occasionally wearing weird Irish dance-like shoes in public, and frequently expressing her love for cucumbers. However, fortunately for her, as said by her dear friend Afsah, Anna can pull off awkward. The abundance of awkward situations that Anna can find herself in on a daily basis, merely turn into stories which she can later text Jacqueline about in an all-caps conversation. To contact Anna, send her an email at [email protected]

Bio written by Jacqueline LeBlanc

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Community Editor

George Sarafianos

 About George Sarafianos

The Strongest most Handsome person at Rock Bridge. Also, a staff writer for “The Rock” and Bearing News. Contact him at [email protected]

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Design and Infographics Editor

Renata Williams

RenataAbout Renata Williams

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Photography Editor

Maribeth Eiken

About Maribeth Eiken

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Art Editor

Yasmeen El-Jayyousi

 About Yasmeen El-Jayyousi

Yasmeen El-Jayyousi is a banana. She is a sweet and healthy snack, but with some brown spots that spring up out of nowhere in surprisingly flavorful bites. She is the most beautiful banana you will ever lay your eyes on, hailing from the wittiest species of the fruit. She might seems reluctant to come out to the front of the fruit basket, but it’s only a carefully crafted illusion. When she’s with her fruity friends, she shows off her creative and quirky personality and can blind a person with her charm. You will most likely find her in the Journalism Fruit Basket (Journalism room) concentrating on her art for the Rock, or giving relationship advice, or finding ways to stain the reputation of her equally gorgeous banana friend Afsah with the help of two other fruity friends, Anna and Jacqueline.  Nevertheless, Yasmeen is the most creative and beautiful banana in the world, and to those of you who don’t like bananas, it’s time to get your priorities straight and reconsider. (Written by Afsah Khan) Contact Yasmeen at [email protected]

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Club Blogs Editor

Kelsey Harper
(Calendar Editor)

Online Staff Writers


Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi

Abdul About Abdul-Rahman Abdul-Kafi

Abdul has lived in Columbia his entire life, but his parents are originally from Iraq. He likes video games, computers, soccer, and writing. He spends a lot of time watching videos on YouTube and he is a big procrastinator. To contact him, send an e-mail to [email protected]

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Molly Mehle

  Molly About Molly Mehle

A dancer since age three, Molly Mehle has always enjoyed creativity and the ability to express herself. When she was younger, she would spend all of her free time writing stories in a journal that she’d edit, add pictures to, and make into book form as if they were being published.  In second grade she entered a story into a Columbia Tribune kids’  writing contest and won. This began her interest in writing, which broadened in fourth grade when her teacher focused mainly on writing and different writing techniques. Her dream is to move to Florida after going to school for journalism and communications. She has a small obsession with her beagle Flip and sharks. Another dream of hers is to one day report on a shark attack. She loves to have a good time and spend time with her friends and also is on the Rock Bridge Bruin Girls dance team. She likes writing features and likes to be able to lighten peoples’ moods through writing. She hopes to have a successful career in journalism.

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Madi Mertz

Madi About Madi Mertz

Madi defines herself as a broadway and internet nerd.  Her friends know her to break out into song at random moments (though the song is always relevant to the situation) or simply use quotes in everyday conversation.  She has a tendency to spend more time learning Disney trivia than doing her Algebra homework, and too much time on YouTube, but she does what she loves and loves what she does everyday.

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Sam Mitten


Ross Parks

Ross About Ross Parks

Ross Parks is a senior at Rock Bridge High School. He’s a very involved student taking part in many extra-curricular activities such as Rock Bridge Reaches out and the German Honor’s Society. He is also a runner for the Rock Bridge cross country team. He enjoys reading and sleeping.

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Graham Ratermann

Graham About Graham Ratermann

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Josh Ripley

Josh About Josh Ripley

I’m just your average high school kid.  I love writing and hate math. Running is my passion and  I am dedicated to help bring another state title to RBXC and Track, giving it my all to get to the top.

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Pen Terry

Pen About Pen Terry

Rap enthusiast, extraneously blunt and precariously funny.

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Derek Wang

 Derek About Derek Wang

Derek is the shy and timid of the two sophomores in Newspaper. He is a rice farmer by day and a ninja by night. He spends his time playing three instruments and playing tennis for Rock Bridge. Derek likes to eat rice and kung pao chicken while playing his violin. Derek is malicious to enemies but kind to his friends. His favorite day of the week is Doubles Thursday, and carries around sharpened chopsticks to ward off enemies.

Bio written by Luke Chval

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Jay Whang

Jay About Jay Whang

Simply, he is Asian (South Korean), brony, geek, reader, writer, non-registered Democrat, Wheodnite, and avid cinephile. He’s hoping to become a visionary writer and filmmaker. Follow him on Twitter (

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Mikaela Acton

photo About Mikaela Acton

Mikaela, a petite brunette gymnast, pursues one quest in life. Every morning, even as she is just waking up, Mikaela composes a scheme to thwart the evil Matched Pair of Socks. Following the motto, “ain’t nobody got time for that,” she holds firm in her belief that no sane person should take a moment of their life to match their right sock to their left sock. Whether your stockings are ballerina flats, no-show, ankle-high, or even knee high, you need not fear. Mikaela, enforcer of the mismatched sock, will always be here. Uncommonly clumsy, and probably afraid of her own shadow, Mikaela enjoys most any kind of music alongside  the art of photography. To find her just look for the girl cartwheeling down the hallway and never hesitate to say hi!

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Morgan Berk

Morgan About Morgan Berk

GO BAND!!!!! Trombone section, Emerald Regiment 2013, LET’S GO!

Bio by Raven Birk

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Randi Obermiller



Alex Carranza

About Alex Carranza

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Maddy Mueller

About Maddy Mueller

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Sarah Poor

About Sarah Poor

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Eric Glennon

About Eric Glennon

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