Bearing News


A glimpse under the sea

Ann Fitzmaurice
"Little Mermaid" and the rest of the cast from under the sea turn the Performing Arts Center into a new kind of enchanted world and...

Inside jokes strengthen friendships

Ann Fitzmaurice
When junior Hannah Evans looked to her side during a rehearsal of the Emerald Regiment’s 2015 field show, “Story of My Life,” she noticed junior...

Mental health survey allows opportunity for student help

Ann Fitzmaurice
While each RBHS student is assigned to a guidance counselor, it still can be hard to reach out to those who don’t take the initiative...

Homemade marinara sauce

Abby Kempf
A couple nights ago I glanced over at my kitchen counter to find it overflowing with tomatoes. My garden has been especially prolific this year...

Students continue to disagree with schedule for next year

Devesh Kumar
As a response to the discontent about Bruin Block, the schedule for next year has been changed so that Bruin Block will only happen twice...