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Childhood legends stick for life

Students describe the childhood myths that shaped their behavior and beliefs.

Animals offer comforting connection

Animals often have the ability to comfort their owners with special ties and bonds. For some RBHS students, animals and pets can even create stronger connections than those with people.


A Dog’s Purpose can still be a good movie

Despite controversy and misinformation, A Dog's Purpose deserves the chance to be a great movie.

Restricting schedules isn’t the solution to improve reading

While reading is a vital skill, forcing it upon students while removing elective classes fails to solve the problem.


Baseball splits season opening doubleheader

In their first games of the season, the RBHS boys' baseball team lost their first but won the second to put the Bruins 1-1 on the year.
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Arts & Entertainment

Orchestra to present spring concert

The Performing Arts Center will host Concert and Chamber Orchestras Wednesday, Mar. 22 for the groups’ spring concert.

Beauty and the Beast fails to meet expectations

With millions of dollars going to Beauty and the Beast's production and advertising, the movie raised expectations only to disappoint viewers.

Chamber Orchestra attends festival at Battle

Bows, suits and strings filled the auditorium, March 16 as Chamber Orchestra attended an optional...

Experience the first ever CoMo Cow lip sync competition

Witness the first ever COMO Cow, a lip-sync battle between RBHS, HHS, and BHS. See...

One week with the Nintendo Switch

The new Nintendo Switch is a wonderful console, but does come with it's fair share of day one problems.