70.9 F
Columbia, MO
Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Schools with 4-day weeks in Missouri. Photo courtesy by Eléa Gilles.

Four-day school weeks pose potential rewards

Friday. Just this one word excites students for the weekend, but for some Missouri students this “Friday feeling” comes earlier. Community R-VI, a small school...

Loved teachers to retire

First there was Wales, then Puerto Rico, next Japan and finally two school districts in Minnesota. All of these lead to Columbia, Missouri, and...

Speech, debate students head to nationals

Speech and Debate has a history of performing well at competitions such as districts and state and this year is no exception. Their hard...

AP Tests Need Varied Prep

For Advanced Placement (AP) .students, these past two weeks have marked the culmination of their year-long efforts as they have begun to take AP...

Mud volleyball 2017 photos

Before the tournament, physics teacher and referee, Malcom Smith, waters down the courts to ensure extra filth Team Dirt Devils prepares for...
Sophomore Braden Hopkins and freshman Maddie Orr stretch their calves before their long workout in freezing weather.

Activities decrease violence problems

For freshman Jackson Orr, football is more than a sport where touchdowns and field goals bring him satisfaction. It’s the idea that through physical...

Guns taking over lives

Boys’ golf secures fourth place finish at state

The boys' golf team rode a strong second day to finish fourth in state.
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Failing friendships lead to opportunity

Losing friends isn't easy, but it can help one realize that not everything is for forever and moving on is okay.

Immigration broadens horizons and borders

Even with such tools as the internet, face to face interaction with a variety of people helps open up one’s outlook, especially if that encounter takes place during one’s youth.

Complex simplicity, PearFleur

This installment of Drawing the Lines features an artist who combines a wide range of subject matter with waves of soothing watercolor. PearFleur is...

Never ending color, Reid Fagerquist

In this installment of Drawing the Lines, things take a colorful twist with our featured artist: Reid Fagerquist, or known by her online handle...

Rookie band recruits shine

Most everyone in band would agree that coming into the band program for the first time as a freshman can be frightening. The scariest...

Woods to work at CORE; RBHS students will miss him

Today is the last day Mike Woods will operate the copy center. He has worked her for 16 years.

Summer jobs offer new opportunities

The final bell rings at 4:05 p.m. on a hot day in late spring. Students rush to buses, cars and bikes. It’s the last...

CARE program to guide employees

Na’Quavea Grant, a 15-year-old Battle High School student, joined the Career Awareness Related Experience (CARE) Program last summer working as a daycare teacher assistant...

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