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Columbia, MO
Friday, October 20, 2017
Juniors Dalton Nunamaker, Sonya Hu and Joshua Vincent decide tie colors for Vincent in a parking lot by a bus during a lunch break.

Debate team to compete at first tournament of the year

It’s the beginning of a new era for RBHS debate. This year, the speech and debate team has more members than ever, Co-Captain Sonya...

Sophomores take new ACT practice test

Tuesday sophomores took the new PreACT, a replacement to the American College Testing (ACT) Aspire test. The switch to the PreACT was made because...
Outreach Counselor Lesley Thalhuber stands by the food pantry in the Guidance Office that offers RBHS families in need with canned goods, cereals, and other snacks.

Bruin’s pantry, closet provide resources

Bruin’s pantry and Bruin’s closet are RBHS programs working to ensure that every student can focus on school, despite problems they may face at home.
Rock Bridge administrators dealt with student drinking at the homecoming dance.

Illicit activity at homecoming dance leads to discussion of discipline policy

Dr. Jennifer Rukstad explains illicit activities which occurred during the homecoming dance and RBHS' practices in disciplining students who participated.

5th quarter offers activities for students after football games

5th quarter provides various games and activities for students from the Crossing, K-Life and Young Life.
Outside in Venezuela

Venezuela’s crash

A Latin American nation's turbulent recent years affects Columbians, too. Venezuela. The nation’s 30 million people have been on an economic roller coaster ride for...

‘Groundhog Day’ meets ‘Friday the 13th’ in new horror comedy

"Happy Death Day" was an entertaining riff off of "Groundhog Day" and offered a unique newness to the previously bland horror genre.

Band to play last competition of season

In the final movement of the Emerald Regiment’s 2017 field show, “Why So Blue?,” students remove their hats, take a breath and sing. Many...

Racial tensions persist

Americans Debate keeping confederate monuments Faaris Khan When it comes to topics including the Confederacy and slavery, America is a volatile volcano, ready to erupt with...
The senior team in 2016's powderpuff match makes an entrance much like that of the RBHS football team by running in with the RBHS flag and getting into a huddle before their game against the sophomores. Photo by Yousuf El-Jayyousi

Powderpuff sign ups to begin tomorrow

The annual Powderpuff tournament has students excited for the chance to compete against other grade levels.
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A day with The Eclipse
Goodbye, Mr. Woods.
Mud Volleyball 2017
Behind the performances: Senior Maggie Victor reflects on her time in cheer
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Get to know Dalton Nunamaker, a candidate for STUCO president
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Get to know Parker Brummett, a candidate for STUCO vice-president
RBHS Girls' Basketball highlights of double overtime loss to Kirkwood
True False provides culinary students valuable career experience
March March parade showcases joy and imagination
Black History Month: Looking at BHM through the lens of progress
RBHS celebrates cultural awareness through henna artwork
Black History Month: How should we communicate about black history?
RBHS Basketball vs. Hickman Highlights
Black History Month: RBHS athletes talk about why BHM matters
"No to DeVos": CPS teachers protest Roy Blunt's support of DeVos
Pick up your grades with Skylar Froese
Black History Month 2017: Should there be more time for BHM remembrance in school?
Full Show Choir makeup tutorial
A glance into whimsical Yellow Dog Bookshop
A Preview of 'Once Upon A Mattress"
Lessons from TigerPlace: "My political belief is to be free"
Illuminati confirmed?: RBHS students share conspiracy theories
Students weigh in on potential dress code changes
Columbia, now and then
Diversity at RBHS
Band Concert Highlights

Health & Wellness

Fitbits help fuel lifestyle changes

It may seem like fitness trackers have exploded in the U.S market, with an estimated industry worth of 12.44 billion by 2022, according to an article by prnewswire.com. Their appeal, however,  isn’t universal.

Quiet kids need support


A student clings on to sanity as they stare at their future of medical school

Required courses give assistance

Once in a while comes along a bright-eyed child who breaks a knee in kindergarten and decides to make it a life goal to...
Survey of food favorites among students. The Rock surveyed 200 students, 10 percent of the student body.

Stop hating on school lunch

Thousands of students stand in line every day waiting to choose from a variety of foods. Some might complain that the food isn’t tasty,...


Passionate soul causes catharsis

Summer internship leads to chance meeting.

First impressions should not dictate final judgments

Life experiences reveal that first impressions are not accurate representations of people.

Tasty Travels: South Korea

I have countless memories of my scrawny eight-year-old self watching the travel channel classic, “Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern,” eyes filled with wonder as...

A Touch of Light and Dark

My goal for this photo-shoot was to get people to come out of their comfort zones. Even though all three of the people in...