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CACC horticulture classes hold annual Holiday Sale

The Columbia Area Career Center will host its horticulture sale on Dec. 12 and 13. CACC classes will be making all arrangements and selling them.

Annual Harry Potter Trivia Night to aide sick children

The fifth annual Harry Potter Trivia Night is in efforts to help children coping with pain and fear through the Beads of Courage Program. The event is sponsored by the Columbia Kiwanis Club and Columbia Public Schools.

Lady Bruins cruise to impressive victory

The 9th Annual Norm Stewart Classic, hosted by Columbia College started off with a victory for the Lady Bruins as they defeated the Waynesville Tigers 74-51.

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Academic benefits are available to siblings at the same school

Siblings at school benefit each other when they attend the same school.

Bruins prioritize what they would do in the White House

All teenagers aspire to change something about their country, and the ideal way to do it is to become president.

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A temporary family of seven

Abnormal: not typical or average. Senior RonTayza Hill is an abnormally empathetic person who makes a point to help out whenever she can.
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The neglect of Thanksgiving

When I was little, Halloween and Christmas were my favorite holidays. I couldn't wait until...

Donald Trump will push America in the right direction

Donald Trump is a polarizing character. As president, however, he will deliver nothing but unity and growth for the United States.

Instead of complaining, just stop sleeping

For high schoolers, balancing sports, jobs and schoolwork can be a stressful process. But one lifestyle change can make a difference.

CPS must ease restrictions on GroupMe

Because of CPS's wi-fi, one app that makes group communication convenient is inaccessible to students on school grounds.

Victims deserve more respect, better treatment

Victims of sexual assault deserve justice, not to see their attackers set free. Read about the change needed for rape survivors.