49.4 F
Columbia, MO
Saturday, April 29, 2017

Emergency vehicles rushed to North parking lot

At around 11:33 a.m., an ambulance and fire truck arrived to the North parking lot for a medical emergency.

Tomorrow Come Foundation reaches out to students for donations

RBHS charity helps students support Ethiopian orphans.

Three Columbia FFA teams advance to nationals

Members of Future Farmers of America recall their experiences at the state contest.

ELL teachers receive specific trauma training

As a result of the recent influx of refugees in Columbia, Mo., district ELL teachers took a training workshop to help deal with potentially traumatic students.

RBHS students use loopholes for cell phone use

For students who enjoy skimming through social media feeds, a VPN provider may assist with their endeavors.

Planetarium offers show on coming solar eclipse

Students have one more chance to see a planetarium show about the coming solar eclipse. Today  during second, third or fourth block there will...

Media stereotypes, advances LGBT community in one paradoxical act

Media, the double edged sword. Movies and books both create visibility for LGBT community members, but it can also perpetuate old tropes.

2017 CAPERS talent show

Kai Winding's "Paul Finks Out" is performed by Jack Fetting, Andrew Meister, Luke Milyo, Martin Shapiro and Jamie Fetting at 1:15, Allie Brun's performance...

Michael Phelps’ legacy sparks inspiration

Legendary athletes are present in every sport. In swimming, however, the legacy of former Olympian Michael Phelps creates a new meaning to inspiration.
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American culture offers multitude of perspectives

American civilians talk about the defining characteristics of this nation's culture.

Teachers discuss best approach on politics in class

From openly discussing their political opinions to leaving an open discussion between students, different educators don't always have the same views on politics' place in the classroom.

Common Core math provides crucial problem solving skills

Missouri instilled national Common Core standards in certain subjects, including mathematics, which may seem confusing but ultimately prove beneficial.

Modern Morality: Utilitarianism

More often than not, an introduction to basic ethical theory includes a mention of the trolley problem, an ethical dilemma so iconic that it...

Curtright endures hardships by endless joy

Despite experiencing bullying and low confidence in his old Indiana school, senior William Curtright has true happiness now that he lives in Columbia and...

Expression and character, Viria

In this installment of Drawing the Lines, I will be writing about the work of another internet artist. Featured in this post is Viktoria...

The elegance of Glenn Arthur

Hello again and welcome back to Drawing the Lines! In this installment, I will be focusing on the work of an artist who inspires...


Tips for next year: communicate

Between the assemblies, dances and memories that highlighted this school year, one splinter, the confused tension of Courtwarming week, remains in an otherwise well-sanded...

Activities ostracize low-income students

Learn how expensive high school rite-of-passages like prom demean students who don't have as much money as others.

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