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Columbia, US
Sunday, February 25, 2018

2018 Court Warming Assembly

Students, administrators clarify prom arrangements

After seniors expressed dissatisfaction with the original date of prom, Student Council members worked with administrators to settle on a more fitting alternative.

What do you know...

Black works hard to create future successes

Triumph on and off the court; RBHS varsity basketball player Ja'Monta Black prepares for his future.

Lady Bruins ready to face Wildcats

With a [12-4] record propelling the girls’ basketball team forward, the Lady Bruins will face Blue Springs High School Tuesday Feb. 20.

We tried Jazzercise

As a dance-based exercise form, it uses a combination of strength and cardio to target a multitude of muscle groups: upper body, abs and legs, and one gets to dance to top radio hits.