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Ishmael Beah speaks

New grading system comes to CPS

Standard based-grading is a new grading system that school districts like CPS may soon implement.

Free ACT may be discontinued

While the annual free ACT test is dread by most students, it may not be offered in future years.
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SPECIAL REPORT: 4 types of people

As a die lands only six ways, we constantly meet a variety of the same people with an outlook or a philosophy that connects them. Different experiences, mindsets and outlooks on life may vary among people, but we are still united.

Athletes consult religion to improve performance

Many student athletes view prayer as a good way to bond with teammates and boost physical stamina.

Students to sacrifice objects and behaviors for Lent

Often associated with the Easter holiday, Lent is a religious season in which people may choose to give up habits or objects.

Boys tennis seeks success in Louisville

RBHS boys tennis has experienced impressive success for decades, success they hope to continue this year,

‘Born in China’ offers fresh take on life, death

The Disneynature documentary follows three separate species of animals as they navigate life in the mountains of China.

Districts, a thing of the past for the music department

Making it past districts, the RBHS band, orchestra and show choir will be taking on state shortly, winning awards across the board.

Mass Effect: Andromeda revitalizes game universe

Despite criticisms of the game's animations, Mass Effect: Andromeda continues to provide great content from game universe.

Life’s hardships don’t evade the young. RBHS students struggle to be positive and create healthy relationships. No matter what, negativity is always present even in the happiest of people.


Why standard based-grading isn’t the solution

Although many students may not be pleased with their grades, a new grading system won't help.

Students seek help for standardized tests

A cause of stress for many students, the beginning of May doubles as AP testing.

Student Views

MKT Trail

An installment of Exhibit Columbia exploring the history of MKT Trail, and why it makes Columbia special.

Downtown shines through the darkness

In this installment of "In a Time Lapse," the author will take you through the shadows of The District.

Life lessons from Maryam Bledsoe

In this installment of "Pursuit of Happiness," learn how Bledsoe is taking advantage of her life.