Though winter is around the corner, spring blooms at Career Center

I haven’t been in the Career Center’s new greenhouse. I would always walk by it on my way to construction tech sophomore year, fascinated, but never went to look around. I followed a friend who was wrapping up a photography project, she introduced me to Sherie Rodekohr and showed me around. I’d realized what I’ve been missing out on.

The class I walked in on was planting flower pots, which are grown and later sold in their spring time plant sales. It was interesting to see how they operated; each student had a stage of the process, from filling pots with soil, to labeling them based on the bulb planted.

By Muhammad Al-Rawi

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  1. Morgan

    This sounds like an interesting class to take. Selling the plants you grow in class sounds like a great experience and very rewarding.


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