Indian dancers exemplify multicultural week

It’s Global Village week! And today the  Indian dancers did what they do best in the main commons during both lunch periods. To my surprise, they added some pretty impressive content to the dance since the last time I saw it, such as tossing colored powder in the air and coordinating a massive back flip toward the end of one of their routines. Though I’ve seen the dance at least four times by now, it continues to impress me. I find it really amazing that individuals, all with completely different backgrounds and talents, have come together and produced this brilliant show year after year.

By Muhammad Al-Rawi


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  1. What happened to these (and the other global village 2012) photos? Were they removed?

  2. so amazing!

  3. Maddie

    Great pictures! You captured everyone’s personality in these!

  4. Avantika Khatri

    these photos are AWESOME!

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