Adobe Photoshop is photo-editing application used to create stunning visuals. Digital media made with Photoshop is all over the place including on Bearing News. It’s almost synonymous with editing photos and the industry standard. The current top of the line version is Creative Suite 5.5, but that is about to change.

Adobe is in development of its new product Photoshop CS6. The company just released the beta and made it free to download for those with Adobe accounts. The beta will expire when the real thing goes on sale later this year. I have downloaded it myself and am here to give you the scoop.

Adobe has really been talking up Photoshop’s new and improved content-aware tools. The tools seem to be able to do some amazing things like completely moving a person in a photo in three clicks. Check out the video below from Adobe talking about these new tools:

[video: ]

Those quick edits look pretty amazing, but I was skeptical of how well it works in real application. I tried it myself with a photo of my brothers and me from years ago. It really was that easy for decent edits in just a few minutes; however, the result wasn’t quite as perfect as Adobe describes it to be. Here are the before and after edits of the photo. See how many differences you can spot.

Original photo
After quick editing with Photoshop CS6

I made all edits shown in the photos in under five minutes, including the learning curve of the tool. I used the content-aware move, extend and patch tools only.

Now I realize that it is not perfect nor anywhere near a good finished product, but it does accomplish an advanced edit quickly, and users can still touch up the photo after. It gives every user a good starting point and provides a decent result. It isn’t a huge gain for professionals who just bought the last version. Though, for the average consumer who wants to mess around, it will definitely be worth the money and the wait. Check out the link below to download Photoshop CS6 Beta from Adobe Labs to test it out. Then buy it when it releases.

By John Gillis

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