Homecoming Week Recap

Homecoming Week Recap

Homecoming Week is an essential part of Rock Bridge life. Relive the happy moments of 2012-2013 Homecoming Week.

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Video by Urmila Kutikkad

Footage by Alyssa Piecko and Urmila Kutikkad



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(Written by Trisha Chaudhary) Though at first glance all you may see when you look at Urmila is a jumble of awkward Indian, a whole lot of hair, and a striking resemblance to a sloth, there is much more beneath the surface. Despite the tall, lanky exterior, Urmila is a fat cat-lady at heart who would be contented spending her days eating rosemary olive-oil bread and listening to Bon Iver on replay. In addition to being a human dictionary and knowing every tidbit of Harry Potter trivia, Urmila’s true passion lies in singing, even though she refuses to believe that her voice is like liquid gold. Unable to make eye contact with most people, big crowds intimidate this soft-spoken being, and it may take a while before she opens up to you. But you will find that, when she does, the wait was well worth it because no words can describe the deep caring and selflessness that Urmila treats everyone she encounters with. Urmila is an Editor In Chief for Bearing News. To contact Urmila, email her at [email protected]

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  1. Afsah

    I love the video too! I like how it really recaps the entire week including some of the things we didn’t really see in person, like the homecoming queen candidates going around Columbia and participating in different parts of the community 🙂


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