Meet the staff: Halloween stories

Meet the staff: Halloween stories


Halloween is right around the corner: This little Jack-o-Lantern hides out in Madame Reed’s French classroom, reminding students how fast the holiday is approaching. Outside, assorted colors of leaves dangle from limp tree branches and flutter in the crisp autumn air. Inside RBHS, festive decorations scatter the classrooms as they epitomize autumn inside our own school.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the people behind the stories presented to on Bearing News and in The Rock, look no further! In this podcast, eight of our very own writers and editors share their Halloween experiences with us. These stories range from parties involving slightly-drunken chainsaw-wielding entertainers to the sudden confiscation of hard-earned candy – this podcast has it all.

By Rajesh Satpathy

About The Author

Raj is a staff writer for Bearing News. He's tall, dark and unbelievably handsome. He enjoys tweeting at birds and consuming delicious foods. He's also probably the laziest man this side of the Mississippi. All in all, pretty awesome. Contact him at [email protected]

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