Senior Duha Shebib sports a white pea coat with a purple hijab and floral shirt. Photo by Lauren Puckett
Senior Duha Shebib sports a white pea coat with a purple hijab and floral shirt. Photo by Lauren Puckett

Normality is blinding. This morning, I ate my same Panera blueberry bagel as I slung my bag – the same one since ninth grade – over my shoulder. I walked the same hallways and skipped down the same dungeon-like staircase to my math class. There I eagerly greeted the same group of girls I sit with every week.

It took me a good hour into class to really pause and notice these girls. I took a casual glance to my left and saw senior Duha Shebib, wearing her usual hijab with a white pea coat and sparkling flats. After turning my attention back to the white board, it hit me that she looked fashionable. Unique. And that’s exactly what a good Style of the Week entails.

Rolling my eyes at my own stupidity, I happily asked her the usual questions, and loved the fresh, new answers.

Name: Duha Shebib, senior


Coat: Dillard’s

Shirt: American Eagle

Jeans: Macy’s

Flats: Macy’s

Favorite store: Forever 21 or Dillard’s

Best buy: Fossil messenger bag for $24

Budget: No more than $20 for shirts and jeans, shoes and coats are exception

“I wear hijabs, so I have to wear modest clothes, and usually people think that modest clothes are not fashionable,” Shebib said. “But you can make them really fashionable and cute. Like I can make a dress into a shirt and wear jeans under it and it becomes a cute outfit.”

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By Lauren Puckett

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  1. Yeyy…. keep up the good work! Loved the style of the week section since the begginning, but I’m glad to see you took the advice in the comments section because now it’s even better!! This weeks style of the week was both cute and unique, and the writing was great and interesting! 🙂


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