See wears a purple tank top and long black skirt over her brown boots. Photo by Lauren Puckett
See wears a purple tank top and long black skirt over her brown boots. Photo by Lauren Puckett

It isn’t always easy to find something new. Fashion conforms with its wearers, following infamous trends, adoring Ugg boots one season and Toms another. So looking for an intriguing style in RBHS can be something of a challenge.

Luckily, it isn’t an impossible feat. This week I almost breezed by junior Sammy See as she walked past the vending machines. But the long black skirt hiding her chestnut boots made me halt to quickly grab her attention. After a chat and a few laughs, I’d found my Style of the Week.

Name: Sammy See, junior

Shirt: Aeropostale

Skirt: Swank

Boots: Dillard’s

Favorite store: Buckle

Best buy: A pair of Gianni Bini heels for $35 at Dillard’s

Budget: One to two outfits per shopping trip, one shopping trip every three weeks

“[Fashion] makes people have an opinion about you,” See said. “If you dress casual, they’re going to think you’re really laid-back, and if you dress nice all the time, they’ll think you’re sophisticated. … And people’s opinions express how they are going to act towards you.”

By Lauren Puckett

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My name is Lauren Puckett, and I’m one of the A&E section editors for The Rock. I’m a senior, and a member of City Lights show choir and the Varsity Acting Squad. Besides singing, acting, and participating in my church’s activities, I like to write every story I can get my hands on. Writing is what I love, and it’s what I want to do with my life. Other than that, I’m a ridiculous blonde who likes Arnold Palmer and raspberry yogurt pretzels. I’m a Ravenclaw and I’d probably hail from District 8 or 11, although I doubt I’d survive the Hunger Games. Feel free to shoot me an email or come say hello—you’ll probably find me in the choir hallway or the journalism room. You know us “artsy kids”—we don’t ever leave our roost. To contact me, email me at


    • I’m sorry it seems that way! I definitely like doing Style of the Week – it’s just a harder job than we anticipated. Like I said, luckily, we have some really unique people and fashions at Rock Bridge. I just have to be able to find them. 😉


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