Columbia’s best kept secret

Leo’s Vintage Clothing and Costume Rental is tucked away in an upstairs suite on 9th Street between Dryer’s Shoes and Coffee Zone. It’s been there for over 40 years and, ironically, boasts the title of “Columbia’s best kept secret.” It’s true, though.

If you stopped a stranger on the street and asked him if he”d ever been to Leo’s, he would probably give you a funny look and shake his head. For those of us who do frequent the store (hipsters and artists mostly,) we often go just to look around or we enjoy digging through the shelves and shelves, piles and piles of treasures — historical relics, elaborate costumes, extensive collections of old LP’s or denim overalls.

As a photographer, I love to explore Leo’s novel textures and colors with the lens of a camera. Maybe you, too, will decide to go exploring … If you have an hour to kill after school, perhaps stop by and lose yourself in the store’s labyrinth of many treasures — it’s easy to do.

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By Aniqa Rahman

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  1. Humera Lodhi

    This place looks amazing- straight out of a movie. I definitely want to go here SOON! Love the pictures by the way :)

  2. Morgan Widhalm

    Brilliant! I’m part of the crowd that had previously never heard of Leo’s – but you’ve convinced me. I’ll be making a trip ASAP :)

  3. Urmila Kutikkad

    Leo’s looks charming and brimming with character, and I love love love your photos and writing as always :)

  4. Daphne Yu

    Everything looks riveting. And so interesting! i want to take a visit sometime.


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