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International Cultural Organization

International Cultural Organization is club that brings together international students and American students to learn about each other’ cultures. We play games and taste food from each of the club member’s nations. We learn about differences in religion, schooling, and daily life. The club helps to connect kids from all around the world!

Teacher Sponsor: Peggy White (English Language Learner teacher)

Student Leaders: Maria Kalaitzandonakes (President), Mariam Yahya (Vice President), Vivien Li (Secretary)

Meeting dates: Usually the 1st and 4th Tuesday of the month after school from 3-4 p.m. Check the Student Announcements for confirmation.

Here’s a look at what we do.

Members of ICO race in a “Greek chariot race” after learning about Greek culture. Photo provided by Maria Kalaitzandonakes


ICO winter party, winners of Bingo! won fake mustaches.
Photo provided by Maria Kalaitzandonakes


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