Kirchhofer sports a striped jacket with her shirt from Hot Topic. Photo by Lauren Puckett.
Kirchhofer sports a striped jacket with her shirt from Hot Topic. Photo by Lauren Puckett.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most about Style of the Week is getting to know new people — even if it’s only for a few, brief minutes. “Hiding behind a recorder,” as it’s sometimes called in the journalism world, is easy, but to really get the most of a person — out of a story — you have to talk. You have to engage. You have to share.

And today I shared a little piece of my “nerdiness” with sophomore Rachel Kirchhofer. After talking a bit about, the two of us began a conversation about Harry Potter and a particular jacket of hers that looked just like Professor Umbridge’s. Suffice to say, even two strangers can bond over the genius of J. K. Rowling and the age-old question: “Where’d you get that outfit?”

Name: Rachel Kirchhofer, sophomore

Hat: Wal-Mart

Jacket: Borrowed from her sister

Shirt: Hot Topic

Jeans: Goodwill

Boots: Borrowed from her mom

Fav store: Goodwill

Best buy: Pink jacket with a bow, just like Professor Umbridge’s

Budget: $30 per shopping trip, goes shopping every 3 weeks

“It’s not that I don’t care what I wear,” Kirchhofer said, “but to me it’s more about looking different and still feeling comfortable.”

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