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Pictures capture final assembly; retired faculty returns

The Flashback assembly featured the tunes of the jazz ensemble, performances by acting classes and an array of speakers and award winners.

This year’s assembly also reunited many former administrators and alumni to celebrate RBHS’s 40th anniversary.

Dr. Wayne Walker, the first principal of RBHS and creator of the motto ”freedom with responsibility,” spoke at the assembly Friday morning. He especially took pride in Rock Bridge’s environment.

“Traditionally, we felt like schools were very rigid and very structured,” Walker said. “People were expected to graduate high school and walk across the stage and get their diploma, then go to college and know how to manage their time and make decisions when they never had to do that before.”

After Walker retired from RBHS in 1992, he focused on his family, saying his greatest accomplishment since he left was his grandchildren. But he said he still holds a fondness for the students here.

“The fact that [RBHS] started so small, and grew to be so big is amazing,” he said.

Kathy Ritter, who served the role of math teacher, activities principal and school principal for 20 years, said although RBHS has doubled in size since it first opened its doors, the spirit of putting the students first has remained a constant.

“The teachers would always say, ‘How do we keep it personal? How do we pay attention to one student at a time,’” said Ritter, who retired in 2010, “‘and keep the freedom with responsibility?’”

Her favorite thing about RBHS, she said, were the students.

“They always have been and always will be my favorite part of Rock Bridge,” said Ritter who, since retirement, has traveled the world, visiting France, Italy, Rwanda and other exotic locations.

Administrators weren’t the only ones to attend the assembly. Donna Snyder, one of the secretaries here when it first started in 1973, reminisced on old, yet fond memories.

“We were all like a family,” Snyder said. “My favorite part about [RBHS] was the sense of camaraderie that came with the job. It’s great that we can come back after so many years and still be good friends.”

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Today was the final assembly of the school year, also known as the Flashback Assembly, giving seniors a last look and reflection of the past year. The day that so many hoped and dreaded – graduation – is just around the corner on May 24. With only two weeks left of school for the seniors, those present joined together in the gym to meet name the teacher of the year, ‘Bruin of My Life’ recipients and the ‘Everyday Bruin’  recipients.

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By Drew Rodgers


Senior Lauren Puckett sings the National Anthem to open the Flashback assembly. Photo by Mikaela ActonWayne Walker, the first principal of RBHS, speaks about the first days at the school. Photo by Mikaela ActonEileen Ford, one of the first English teachers at Rock Bridge High school, responds to applause. Faculty and students from the first 40 years of the school came to the Flashback assembly. Photo by Mikaela ActonKatherine Fishman-Weaver presents an Everyday Bruin award. Photo by Mikaela ActonMary Margaret Coffield, a teacher in the fine arts department, learns she received RBHS teacher of the year from language department chair Jim Meyers (not pictured). Photo by Mkaela ActonMary Margaret Coffield receives a hug from Jim Meyers. Coffield had just learned she was the teacher of the year for RBHS. Photo by Mikaela ActonSenior Nomin-Erdene Jagdagdorj receives the Wayne Walker award from principal Mark Maus at the Flashback assembly. Jagdagdorj's efforts in journalism, volunteering, and publishing were reasons Maus cited for the award. Photo by Mikaela ActonThe first RBHS student council president welcomes the 2013-2014 STUCO president. Photo by Mikaela ActonEnglish Language Learner teacher Peggy White receives a hug after her students give her a Bruin of my Life award. Photo by Mikaela ActonPrincipal Mark Maus speaks at the Flashback assembly. This assembly is the final of the year for RBHS and the last Maus will preside over as a Bruin. Maus announced last month he will be taking a principal position at Oak Park High School in Kansas City. Photo by Mikaela ActonSenior Julia Schaller receives an award for school service from David Bones, activities director. Photo by Mikaela ActonKaleb Jacks is featured in the Jazz Ensemble's "Squib Cakes." Photo by Mikaela ActonSam Keller performs during "Hair." Photo by Mikaela ActonMembers of the cast of "Hair" perform at the Flashback assembly. Photo by Mikaela ActonStudents from the cast of "Hair" perform at the Flashback assembly. The Theatrical Showcase runs May 3 and May 4. Photo by Mikaela ActonSenior Morgan Widhalm performs with City Lights. Photo by Mikaela ActonA member of Satin 'n' Lace, Titiana Aerozaga performs a solo during the group's song. Photo by Mikaela Acton

Photos by Mikaela Acton

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