Rock Bridge Reaches Out had five different cores hold meetings this week. After our long Labor Day weekend we kicked it into high gear with three Tuesday meetings. Relay for Life had a big turnout after school. One of our core leaders, Joanna Zhang, helped the group plan a bake sale to start raising money for cancer research, and the group talked more about the event that will be held in the spring. Wheelers and Dealers also had a large group walk over to South Hampton Nursing Home to play UNO. We had so many students we were also able to sit and talk with the residents before they had dinner. At five we had a culture day at The Intersection. Trisha Chaudhary and Yasmeen El-Jayyousi brought henna and taught the kids about their Indian traditions. While we were waiting for the henna to dry we played a giant game of hangman. Wednesday during lunch we had a Project Linus meeting and planned a bake sale to raise money for blanket materials. Stream Team also held a meeting on Thursday to plan for the year. It’s been a great week for volunteering in the Columbia community. If you want to get involved please follow us on twitter @RBReachesOut.

By: Kelsey Harper

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Photos by: Kelsey Harper

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  1. RBRO is such a great club. They’re able to do so much good in the community, and I’m so glad there are Rock Bridge students willing to spend their time helping others.


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