Student View: College and Career Village

Student View: College and Career Village

Today, Oct. 26, students to attend RBHS’s College and Career Village. The typical class schedule was completely rearranged to accommodate the event and its guests. The event gave students of all grade levels a chance to listen in on lectures and ask questions of professionals about their fields and then later browse a college fair constructed in the gymnasium.

Speakers ranged from former RBHS grads and their stories of success and sage advise, to work professionals in fields as diverse from the arts to bio medical engineering.

BearingNews asked students:

Did you find the college and career village helpful?

Did you find any colleges that you liked?

Photo by Anna Wright
“It wasn’t really all that helpful because I already know what college I want to go to,” senior Bree Dobbins. Photo by Anna Wright
Photo by Anna Wright
“I went to two different career areas and I thought they were very helpful in choosing which one I liked more.” freshman Chase Heim Photo by Anna Wright
Photo by Anna Wright
“Maybe a little bit…I did learn what I didn’t want to do and what else is out there. But the college fair was so crowded it was hard to learn anything,” junior Suryanshi Rawat Photo by Anna Wright
Photo by Anna Wright
“I found it helpful, I found the college I was looking forward to going to…the [representative] was really nice and gave me a lot of information,” sophomore Julia Stawn Photo by Anna Wright













By Ross Parks

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Ross Parks is a Senior at Rock Bridge High School. He's a very involved student taking part in many extra-curricular activities such as Model United Nations and the German Honor's Society. He is also a runner for the Rock Bridge cross country team.

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  1. Devesh Kumar

    About the CCV, I have some of the same views as Bree Dobbins. I believe that it could’ve been helpful for a lot of people but for me, it wasn’t that helpful. I already know what college or career I want to go into, so it wasn’t all that helpful.


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