Seussical in reviewsical

This past weekend, November 14-17, RBHS’s Performing Arts department put on a production of Seussical the Musical, based on the works of Dr. Seuss. Although the show is over, the students all agreed it had been an exciting experience. Junior Brice LaFond described the experience as “fantastic,” senior Katie Wheeler called it “delightful” and sophomore Kyle Shearrer settled on the phrase “pretty freakin’ awesome.” No matter how they described it, it’s clear the show had an impact on everyone involved, whether it’s the┬árelaxed, excited attitude backstage showing what a great show this has been for those involved or the standing ovations showing just how much it meant to the audience.

“I didn’t think that I would have much fun,” senior Tateonna Thompson said, “but it has honestly been one of the highlights so far of my senior year.”

RBHS Seussical 2013 from Bearing News on Vimeo.

By Madi Mertz

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Madi defines herself as a broadway and internet nerd. Her friends know her to break out into song at random moments (though the song is always relevant to the situation) or simply use quotes in everyday conversation. She has a tendency to spend more time learning Disney trivia than doing her Algebra homework, and too much time on YouTube, but she does what she loves and loves what she does everyday.



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