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Early Release Bell Schedule

Early Release Day scheduled for teacher collaboration

Early Release Bell Schedule
Designed by Brayden Parker.

On Wednesday,  Jan. 29, students at RBHS will be released early at 1:35 p.m. for teacher collaboration.

“There is an early release day as far as I know so that teachers can get together, collaborate, and plan for future education ideas,” Civic Studies/Pop Culture teacher Alex Huck said. “For the most part [early release days help]. Sometimes it can become a bit mundane, but for the most part they can be really constructive and give teachers a chance to progress.”

So while students will be out enjoying their few extra hours of freedom this Wednesday, teachers will still be at school, collaborating and trying to make school education that much more meaningful and useful for their students. Below is the schedule for the early release day.

By Sam Mitten

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