Sisters recount their high school years

Sisters recount their high school years

My mom graduated from RBHS, her brother graduated from RBHS and two of my cousins graduated from RBHS.  What I didn’t realize until recently is that both of my cousins’ husbands graduated from RBHS, as well.  I managed to get all of them to participate in a panel during an after-Christmas family game night and talk about what they did in high school, what they did afterwards and what they learned in high school for some words of wisdom.

By Madi Mertz

Do you have family that are Bruins? What brought them together?

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Madi defines herself as a broadway and internet nerd. Her friends know her to break out into song at random moments (though the song is always relevant to the situation) or simply use quotes in everyday conversation. She has a tendency to spend more time learning Disney trivia than doing her Algebra homework, and too much time on YouTube, but she does what she loves and loves what she does everyday.

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  1. Riley Martin

    This was really cool! I actually can relate-my mom graduated from RBHS as well. It is a bit weird walking through the same halls as family members before you did.


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