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One-on-one interview with director/producer Cynthia Hill

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Private Violence is a documentary film on the intricacies of a taboo subject: domestic violence. It’s easy to look away, or to ignore the problem, but director/producer Cynthia Hill tackles these problems head-on.  Domestic violence, which affects one in four women, is often thought of with many misconceptions.

“I learned a lot. I think the main thing is realizing that I had these misconceptions myself. I was the one that was asking “why didn’t she just leave?” and saying “this could never happen to me”. I think I made this film kind of for myself,” Hill said. “It’s such a complex issue and that leaving is a process. Just the whole idea that leaving can be the most dangerous thing a woman can do when they’re in an abusive relationship was something I had no idea.”

In this short interview, Hill answers questions on what got her into film-making, what she hopes viewers learn from her film and even what she thinks needs to happen in society.

By Sophie Whyte

Have you seen “Private Violence”? What were your thoughts?

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