I was not sure what to expect as I settled into the red velvet upholstery of my chair at Forum 8 movie theater. Though I hadn’t read the books, flashy previews for the recently released science-fiction film Divergent captured my attention and lead me to purchase a ticket, landing me in the middle of the movie theater, munching on smuggled-in girl scout cookies and eagerly awaiting the start of the film.

The plot followed the life events of a teenage girl named Beatrice, or Tris (Shailene Woodley), living in a futuristic world where society is split up into different factions, permanently separated by their differing purposes. Abnegation, the governing faction which Tris’s family belongs to, lead a simple life of helping others and serving their community. The others include Erudite, the intelligent members of society who value knowledge above all else, Dauntless, the brave warriors and protectors of society, Candor, the honest and concrete thinkers and Amity, the peaceful tree-huggers. Those who do not fit into any of these groups are known as factionless, and live in suffering and poverty with no true identity.

Throughout the movie, the audience watches as Tris ventures into adulthood by finding out she is a divergent, or a seemingly unstoppable individual with no fitting faction who is motivated by fear. She chooses her own faction, Dauntless, and eventually realizes her own threat to the conspiracy in play by society’s leaders. Upon her realization of the true motives behind society’s structure and the evil, power-hungry greed which runs her world, she and her dreamy love interest Four (Theo James) set out to unravel these lies and manipulative tactics.

Though at some parts, the film felt a bit over-dramatic, or like a forced replica of the Hunger Games saga, it was an entertaining ride nonetheless. The graphics do not disappoint, and each actor excellently portrays their designated character. Most major events in the movie were laughably predictable, though there were few surprising plot twists to spice up the storyline. In all, the movie was worth the money. Though it is not the next Inception, science-fiction lovers should still take the two hours and twenty minutes to experience Divergent and its wacky, visionary take on the possible future of a society driven by power-hungry individuals.

By Anna Wright

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