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Halloween decorations made quick and easy

Welcome to Crafted!, a seasonal DIY blog. Throughout the school year, these posts will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to make themed crafts that you can use for anything from home decor to functional use.

Enchanted Halloween Lanterns

What you’ll need:

Jars of different sizes, purple spray paint, paint markers, and battery powered candles


Step 1: Spray paint the inside of the jars. Let dry.p1070014

Step 2: Decorate the jars using the paint markers. Place the battery powered candles inside of the jars. Use these to help the trick-or-treaters find the way to your door.p1070030

Blood Dripped Candles

What you’ll need:

Three white candles of different sizes, a red candle, and a lighterp1070015

Step 1: Set up white candles. Melt the red candle above one of the candles.p1070017

Step 2: Let the melted wax drip down the side of the white candle until a full circle around the candle has been completed. Repeat for other candles.p1070018

Step 3: Light the candles and watch the blood flow.p1070019

Hanging Halloween Frames

What you’ll need:

Picture frames, Halloween cutouts, cork board, and nailsp1070031

Step 1: Print out Halloween cut outs. Cut out and place inside frame.

Step 2: Insert nails into cork board.

Step 3: Hang picture frames on the nails.p1070037

Bats Fly

What you’ll need:

Black construction paper, scissors, cork board, and pins


Step 1: Fold black construction paper in half.


Step 2: Draw half of a bat on one side of the paper.


Step 3: Cut out the bats. Unfold.


Step 4: Place bats on cork board and insert pin into the middle.

Step 5: Hang cork board on wall.
Step 6: Watch the bats fly across your wall.p1070040

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