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on should Trump prioritize jobs or the environment?

On March 28, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that repealed Obama’s efforts to address climate change most notably to curb power plants’ pollution. Obama’s Clean Energy Plan would have closed down coal-powered plants in exchange for solar-power or wind-power productions. With Trump’s program, the goal is not focused on sustainable energy, but rather on creating jobs in the coal industry.

There is already opposition to the change in direction. States such as New York and California have formed a coalition in protest.

Do you agree with Trump’s decision?

“I think clean energy is more important because I’m a big advocate for the environment. Global warming I feel like is a big issue. If we use clean methods of energy instead of fossil fuel and coal, I think we’ll be better off. There’s no point in having jobs if we don’t have a good environment.” — Sarvika Mayo, freshman“I think [jobs and the environment] are both equally important because people do need jobs bt at the same time we won’t be able to survive without clean energy.” — Zoe Wu, junior“I think for right now [because] there are so many different issues with the economy and the job market, we should make jobs a priority. Finding other resources to better the environment can be sort of another priority.” — Julia Bower, senior“Coal is a dying industry, it doesn’t have much progress to make from here. It’s on it’s way out so it’s kind of annoying that [Trump] is doing stuff to help out a dying industry when he could be doing things to foster a growing industry like solar or wind power. So I don’t agree with what he did. I think he should focus on renewable energy instead of something that pollutes the air.” — Noah Backman, senior

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