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Photo by Maya Bell

Highlights of Student Council’s car smash

Photo by Maya Bell

“Anarchy is always good,” junior Grant Bentiganan said of the car smash, “especially if it’s for a good cause.”

Above Bentinganan’s raised voice, sounds of plastic on metal and loud cheers flooded the north parking lot yesterday, Tuesday Oct. 3. A single car stood in the parking lot near the baseball fields. Under it, a grey tarp to catch any debris left behind from reckless teenagers.

To raise money for the recent hurricane destruction and victims, student council put together the first all inclusive bonfire and car smashing event. There, students could enjoy s’mores, khona ice and each other’s company.

While eating their s’mores, students gather around the roped off car while others took turns hitting it with a baseball bat. Cheers transpire after every hit which turn into even louder cheers when car parts fly off.

Despite—or perhaps because of—the somewhat barbaric scene, the event raised money to help those involved in the recent hurricane disasters. Student Council charged students $2 for five hits on the car.

Once the spray painted car could take no more blows, what was a small sprinkle, turned into a downpour. Students and teachers start running to their cars or under the entrance to the career center, awaiting rides home after the first such bonfire and car smash in the school’s history during a celebration of homecoming week.

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