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Dog Appreciation Club hosts fundraiser

The Dog Appreciation club is currently hosting a fundraiser to collect dog supplies for the Humane Society. The fundraiser began on Dec. 11 and ends on Dec. 21. Anyone can donate toys, collars and treats to room 222, which will go to dogs in an animal shelter, club sponsor and civics studies teacher Matthew Johnson said.

“There is currently a tree in my room with a bunch of dog ornaments hanging on it. Each ornament has a list of some supplies the dog needs on the back,” Johnson said. “To get involved, all you have to do is come take an ornament of a dog you want to sponsor, go buy some of the supplies listed on the back, and then put all of the supplies in a bag with your dog’s name on it and bring it back to room 222.”

Not only does participating in the fundraiser help provide necessities for dogs in need, but club president freshman Sophia Guest said it allows students and teachers to see which dogs are up for adoption.

There are a few ornaments left, and the fundraiser ends on the 21st,” Guest said, “[but] there is still plenty of time to donate.”

In preparation for the fundraiser, club vice president freshman Lauren Bandy said members made sure each ornament had the name and picture of each dog, as well as a list of supplies it needs. They spread the word through social media and hanging fliers around the school.

As of now we have about three large gifts from three different people with several items inside,” Bandy said. “Our goal for the outcome of the fundraiser is that each dog receives at least one item on their list to brighten their holidays.”

Guest and Johnson would like to collect as many items as possible for each dog and to be able to supply them with the basic necessities they require.

“The humane society is always looking for donations, and I think it is so cool that you can sponsor a specific dog and know exactly where your donation is going,” Johnson said. “It is so much more exciting to give the gift of a specific toy or specific treats as opposed to just giving money.”

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