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Spanish teacher Eva Vasquez explains to a parent the aspects of the Spanish classes offered at RBHS, including five different levels.

Course Fair shows eighth graders their future at RBHS

On the rainy evening of Monday, Jan. 22, eighth graders from Gentry Middle School (GMS) and Jefferson Middle School (JMS) explored RBHS hallways to learn about classes available to them next year as freshmen.

Throughout the areas by the Activities Office, the main commons and into the cafeteria, various RBHS and CACC classes set up booths encouraging incoming freshmen to stretch their boundaries when thinking about high school courses.

Additionally, the studies department used the Course Fair to have an informational meeting with parents about what every freshman should expect in Civic Studies. Here are the sights from the 2018 Course Fair.

Kimberly Metcalf explains to incoming freshmen and their families the benefits of taking her Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography class. RBHS offers five different levels of Mandarin classes. Spanish teacher Eva Vasquez explains to a parent the aspects of the Spanish classes offered at RBHS, including five different levels.German students socialize with each other at their booth with matching shirts to inspire eighth graders to sign up for German.An incoming freshman searches the cafeteria during the Course Fair in search of classes of his interest, while representing JMS.Senior Ashleigh McKinley enjoys herself at her CACC agriculture booth at the Course FairEEE Advisor Gwen Structemeyer introduces future students to her services in the EEE roomCareer Center classes such as the Culinary Arts class reached out to incoming freshman, encouraging them to start their career search early.Studies Department Chair Austin Reed presents to families about what to expect in Civil Studies, a course every freshman takes.Future Bruin: the sibling of an incoming freshman listens to the Civic Studies presentation.

Do you know about all of the courses available at RBHS and the CACC? Take the quiz to find out.

The CACC has various welding courses.

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RBHS offers a class that allows students to nap for a block.

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All students have to take Personal Finance, even if they take another financial class, such as AP Economics.

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RBHS offers a Directing class for seniors interested in theatrical arts.

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RBHS offers a class to learn how to play piano.

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There is a calligraphy class at the CACC.

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There is a Physical Education class at RBHS where students get to leave campus and go fishing and Bethel Park.

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Bailey Stover January 28, 2018 at 4:32 pm

I enjoyed taking the quiz attached to this story. I never knew students who took classes like AP Economics were not required to take Personal Finance. I remember how helpful the course fair and touring Rock Bridge was for me when I was an incoming freshman, I’m glad students are still taking the time to learn about what classes RBHS and the CACC offer.


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