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on free ACT for juniors

On Tuesday, April 3, as freshmen, sophomores and seniors will be adjusting to get back into the swing of school after Spring break, the juniors throughout Columbia Public Schools (CPS) will be taking the American College Test (ACT).

Although CPS is covering the cost of the ACT for all juniors, students have differing opinions on the test date being so soon after Spring break, which many families use for vacation, leaving little time to study.

"The ACT happening after Spring break doesn't really matter for me, it could happen any time. I think it's great that CPS is providing a free ACT." -Henry Huang, junior"I'm not in favor of this. Spring break is a relaxing time and I'm going to be spending it studying for my ACT." -Piper Page, junior"It's really hard to study over the school week because there are so many other things to do, so I think it's cool to give us the opportunity to study over Spring break." -Beni Adelstein, junior"I'm going to be on a boat for a week where I'm not going to study for the ACT. It's an important test and I want to do well, but maybe it would be better if there was a week between Spring break and the ACT." -Bennett Lawson, junior"It defeats the purpose of having a break if the whole time you're thinking and worrying about school." -Bradley Snyder, junior

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