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Art teacher Chris Flinchpaugh views the art his students and other art students put into the show.

Photo Gallery: Sights from the 5th Annual Art Show

RBHS art students took the phrase “the sky’s the limit” a little further this weekend.

At the annual art show on Sunday, April 22, students displayed their projects they have worked on throughout the school year. Walls throughout the main hallway were plastered with artwork done by art students ranging from the foundational to the highest Advanced Placement (AP) arts classes.

With a flight theme intertwined through the event, visions of skies and illusions of walking on clouds gave visitors a whimsical feeling as they analyzed artwork.

As visitors walked into the main commons, they entered the art show through a vivid display of the show's theme, making them feel as if they were walking through the clouds. Handmade, paper kites seemed to fly around guests as they entered the art show.Upon arrival, art show viewers received a pamphlet with information about the senior artists who displayed pieces in the show. The art show, called "Depth," featured a flight theme with views of skies and clouds throughout the show.The Art Department treated visitors to cookies and refreshments as they walked through the show.Senior Grace Kirk stabilizes artwork before visitors arrive.The Art Show featured work from many different levels of art classes."Photosynthesis," by Sydney Muskopf.Senior Lauren Godon explains her pieces to friends and family.Godon, a four year art student, had six pieces in the show.Students of all ages came to the art show to support friends or to just see the work their peers entered in the show.Pieces in the show varied in all colors, shapes, sizes and mediums.Art teacher Chris Flinchpaugh views the art his students and other art students put into the show.On Sunday, April 22, the art show filled the main hallway.Students analyze their peers' artwork on display at the art show.Many artists entered self-portraits, including these from juniors Mariah Blackburn and Quinn Converse.Two pieces titled "Cats" positioned next to each other. One by sophomore Toan Vu and the other by sophomore Kate BushnellSenior Jadie Arnett had an entire wall devoted to her pieces, totaling to 28 entries. The art show also displayed ceramic pieces, this one titled "fresh outta the oven" by Neve Johnston.The walls throughout the main hallway were filled with different styles of art from many different students. To match the flight theme, the Art Happenings (AHA) club set up a projection of lightning strikes to create a sky illusion.While admission was free, the Art Department accepted donations from visitors.

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