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Bruin fans scream out during the first home game of the season at RBHS on Friday Aug 31. The BruCrew theme for the game was “white out” and students were decorated with white body paint, clothes, and accessories.

Bruins fall to De Smet Spartans at first home game

The first home Friday night lights of the varsity football season began with a lightning delay. Thirty minutes later, team captains headed to the center of the field for the coin toss. As the Bruins trailed behind the De Smet Jesuit High School Spartans, the student section roared with school spirit.

“I think that we could have played a lot harder than we did,” senior wide-receiver Diego Alvarez said. “I truly believe we had the talent and skill to win that game; We just weren’t in the right mindset, but next week we’ll be ready to play hard and bring home a win”

When the Spartans missed a chance to score it was because of the Bruin’s solid defense driven by senior free safety and wide receiver Martez Manuel. By halftime, the Bruins trailed the Spartans 7-21 but BruCrew did not give up hope, and many stayed to cheer on the home team until the end. The halftime show hushed the crowd with performances from the Emerald Regiment marching band and the Bruin Girls dance team.

With an assist from junior quarterback Grant Hajicek, both junior cornerback and wide receiver Spencer Nivens and Manuel scored touchdowns. The Spartans took home a win with a score of 35-17 and the Bruins are now 1-1 on the year.



Last night the Bruins opened the first home game of their football season playing DeSmet High School after a 30 minute weather delay. The Bruins fell to DeSmet (35-17), and are now [1-1] on the season.

“We will just continue to do what we need to do in our practices and work harder to be the best we can be,” junior center Will Bowers said.

The Bruins started off with the ball and with DeSmet driving, senior free safety Martez Manuel forced a fumble letting the Bruins takeover.

With five minutes left of the first quarter, DeSmet scored an 86-yard touchdown pass (7-0).

However the Bruins didn’t let the setback stop them. Manuel scored the first touchdown for the team carrying a forced fumble.

At the end of the first quarter, junior quarterback Grant Hajicek threw a screen pass to junior wide receiver Spencer Nivens.  Nivens ran 77 yards scoring a touchdown (21-7). With 19 seconds left in the second quarter , junior linebacker Will Norris made a 41-yard field goal (21-10).

The  second quarter started with an 88-yard drive and a 6-yard touchdown run by DeSmet (28-10).

“Even though the score wasn’t in our favor we’re still a great football team,” junior linebacker and fullback Miles Cheatum said. “We have belief in our coaches and players that this game won’t define [RBHS].”

The game continued with 31 seconds left of the game Manual races for a 10 field yard touchdown pass.  

The Bruins will play Battle High School next Friday, Sept. 7.

“We just need to come together as a team and just bounce back from this and not let it get us down,”  Bowers said.

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