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Junior Lindsey Smith and senior Maddi Butler dance during their performances to the excited fifth graders. City Lights' show this year is based on an office.

City Lights performs at fifth grade extravaganza

As RBHS students dragged their legs into another day of school on Wednesday, Jan. 9, fifth graders eagerly filed into the Performing Arts Center (PAC) to attend the RBHS portion of the annual Fifth Grade Extravaganza.

Future Bruins got to see performances from the RBHS City Lights show choir, Gentry Middle School (GMS) Glee Singers and Jefferson Middle School (JMS) Choir, said junior show choir member Greta McNamee.

McNamee joined the RBHS show choir sophomore year, but wishes she would have known about the program before high school so she could have joined earlier. She hopes this extravaganza will show future Bruin singers what they have to look forward to.

“Show choir is almost comically underrepresented and for me at least, it’s too important of an experience to not be aware of,” McNamee said. “All the experiences and friendships that come with show choir are so valuable to me.”

In addition to the extravaganza having an impact on the fifth graders, it was also important for the show choir to perform in front of an audience in preparation for its upcoming competition season.

“It’s always useful to perform in front of an audience,” McNamee said. “Public performances bring a lot of adrenaline from being in front of an audience, and it’s adrenaline you can’t get in rehearsal. Practicing in situations where we have that energy helps us to be more familiar with what actual competitions will be like.”

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