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Baseball prepares for Blue Springs

With a [20-5] season, the baseball team will strive to strengthen its record and gain momentum for districts Saturday, April 27. The Bruins will play the Blue Springs High School Wildcats. Assistant Coach Jeff Bazat has confidence in his team for upcoming games.

“The team needs to play well on a consistent basis,” Bazat said. “Playing four high quality games each week, the players have to do the little things on a daily basis to constantly be successful.”

Bazat is confident in the Bruins and said if the players bring a high level of energy and focus each day, they will be prepared for each opponent. Senior shortstop and pitcher Wyatt Towe shares the same mentality and knows the team will come in ‘‘guns blazing every time.’’

“Baseball is such an up and down game that it’s hard to keep consistency,” Towe said. “However, what I think we do well as a team is that we never back down, and we don’t care who we play.”

In order for the team to be ready for each game, junior utility Will Norris said baseball is a unique sport when it comes to preparation because one play can quickly change an entire game.

“We don’t prepare for each opponent individually,” Norris said. “We just prepare to play the best baseball we can for seven innings, and we feel confident that if we do that we will be successful.”

From past seasons, Towe remembers the Wildcats [6-19] as a good team and said the Bruins won’t drastically change how they practice leading up to the game.

“It’s more so preparing for the skill sets of the players that the [opposing team] has,” Towe said, “for example, if they have a good pitcher or power hitter.”

Bazat said the team’s goal, a district championship, is the endgame.

With a little less than half a season before districts, Norris said overall the players have done everything pretty well so far. Districts will be played Saturday, May 11 to Saturday, May 18.

“The games we’ve lost have all been really close, and it’s good to experience that for when playoffs come,” Norris said. “We’ve been successful pitching and hitting recently, but there’s always room for improvement.”

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