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on the Notre Dame Cathedral fire

April 15, 2019, the famed Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France was reportedly burning. Finished in 1345, the Notre-Dame Cathedral is an icon in the city of Paris as well as the world. Renovations were being done on the structure, with scaffolding covering much of the roof. While an investigation is still ongoing, authorities have pinpointed the location of the initial fire: the center of the Cathedral roof. They are currently investigating if a short-circuit caused the fire and have already ruled out arson. Multiple artifacts were saved, including the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus Christ and the Tunic of Saint Louis. The stained glass windows at Notre Dame also survived unscathed. The famous pipe organ, despite not being damaged by fire, will need to undergo repairs from water damage. French President Emmanuel Macron declared that the country would work to rebuild Notre Dame in the next two years. “I’m telling you all tonight we will rebuild this cathedral together.” He said “This is probably part of the French destiny.”

What is your reaction to the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France?

“I think it’s sad, they should probably do something about it and find who did it.”
Jonathan Garr, sophomore
“I think it’s pretty sad. I think that what happened was something that affected everybody.”
- Addy Ramos, freshman“I just think it’s funny how a city in our own country doesn’t have water and no one cares, but when the Notre Dame is burning people freak out and don’t hesitate to donate millions of dollars to rebuild it. When we live in a nation that focus so much making America great again, you’d think we’d invest in flint too, right?”
- Melissa Carranza, junior“I don’t really know much but I know it’s very bad. Those people who donated made like $500 million; it impacted people in a positive way.”- Luis Pinales, senior

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