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Roots N Blues: The Festival’s Most Fashionable

On Sunday, Sept. 29, the final day of Roots N Blues, attendees walked around hot and sweaty, exhausted in the humid 93°F day. In the dog days of summer, most of Columbia wore whatever outfit they could be comfortable in, only trying to beat the sweltering heat. While staying cool is always understandable, a few smart dressers stood out from the Roots ‘n Blues crowd. These fashionable festival-goers remained dedicated to dressing their best despite the weather.

Harper Adams, wearing a floral romper and shirt, dresses in whatever’s comfortable and suitable for rolling in the grass. “She loves to roll around in the grass, because she says the grass feels ‘so good’,” her mom Rae Adams said. “I dress boho and go with the flow.”
Amanda Shires, artist and wife of Jason Isbell, was stunning on stage in her dragonfly glasses and a Gucci belt.
Di Anderson got her inspiration from reading a tarot card that morning. On the card was a messenger of earth, a female nature spirit with antlers growing from her head. Anderson didn’t think anything of it until she stopped at HyVee for chapstick and coffee. There, she saw an antlered crown that her friend Nancy bought for her.
A free spirit danced around the open field by the Great Southern Bank stage, twirling her hula hoop while children watched. Her flowy dress spun around her as she hula hooped, but the best thing she wore to Roots N Blues was a smile. 
RBHS teacher Matthew Johnson looked even better than usual in his Hawaiian shirt. High hopes will be put on Johnson to top his outfit for the Thousand Island Dressing spirit day Oct. 1. 

Maisie and Leo Mericle were inspired by unicorns and Minecraft, taken into consideration by their equally fashionable mother, who aimed to dress them for attention in a crowd.
Two fashionable frogs stood out among the crowd. They were decked out in flowers, bright colors, beads, and glitter.
Kevin Jerez, an artist with the Burney Sisters, is inspired by Olivia Burney, who provided him with his stand-out red romper. When she first gave it to him, he felt it was way out of his comfort zone, but after putting it on, he said it felt comfortable, great and just like himself.
Olivia Burney, artist for the Burney Sisters and the Kay brothers, is the inspiration for Kevin Jerez and his red romper. She wore pins with the face of her and her sister. Burney also wore overalls, which she found at an antique shop, to match the Kay brothers onstage.
Lexi McDonald inspired herself and many others at Roots N Blues with her glittery makeup, bare feet, bohemian outfit and bright smile.
Savannah Buck matched her colorful outfit from head to turquoise toe, saying she found inspiration in her photographer, Audrey Snyder, and from the website Fashion Nova, where she bought her outfit.
Lee Nigh derives style inspiration from his Southern roots. His family migrated from Ohio to Southern Iowa to Northwest Missouri in search of land and opportunity.
Jason Corrado wore shoes and shorts matching his tropical shirt. He was inspired, but not dressed, by his loving wife Charlotte Corrado.
Louis Fiquet feels inspired by the people of Uganda who gave him his fan, which tied his outfit together. He is also motivated by the Roots N Blues rooster. He used to raise chickens as a kid and the mascot reminded him of his childhood. Finally, artists such as John Prine, John Némouth and The Mavericks had performances that made him want to just sit down and think. 
Sarah Krueger wore a vintage outfit inspired by her son. “He’s really cool and loves shopping vintage,” she said. “This is actually his boutonniere. He wore it for homecoming last night at Capital City High School.”
Jonah Roy, wearing pink Polo socks, a pink Polo shirt and cactus shoes, is inspired by Tyler the Creator, a rapper who comes to Independence, Mo Oct. 5.
Jess Turgeon finds inspiration in herself and the 1920s. Her hat, given to her by her friend’s grandmother, is actually from the ‘20s, and her matching flapper dress is from a party store. 

Joshua Margherita’s outfit is inspired by his friend Finn Kisida, a self-proclaimed hippy whom he looks up to everyday.
Olivia Burney beamed at the camera, flaunting the latest fad of abstract face earrings.
Zöe and Lux Payne share all their outfits, and they are inspired by their mom who picks them out.

Barbie Anne Francis thrifted her entire outfit at Goodwill, crediting her good picks to going often to check for restocks.
Laura Shackleford was flashy and certainly noticeable in her fully neon fit. She was dressed this way to attract attendees to buy a beer or other soft drinks.

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