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Bearing News is an original news website published from Rock Bridge High School in Columbia, Missouri. It was first launched in the 2011-2012 school year by the staff of The Rock, newspaper, and Flashback, yearbook. The staff of the newspaper, yearbook and the Journalism Honors Seminar class continue to run the website, which is advised by Robin Stover.

The Rock is typically published on a monthly basis throughout the school year. The staff also creates Southpaw, a feature magazine, which comes out at times during the year. All stories from The Rock and Southpaw are published on Bearing News, which mainly produces original content.

Small excerpts from stories can be reproduced without permission as long as they are attributed and, if published on the internet, linked to Bearing News. Full articles cannot be reproduced without explicit permission from Bearing News and must be linked to the website.

The Bearing News staff designs the site and pays for an individual web server, which does sometimes result in slow load times. For the best viewing experience, please use a desktop computer.

Feedback, story suggestions and letters to the editor should be sent to

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