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Position: Bearing News Health and Wellness Editor Contact: Bio: (Written by Jacqueline LeBlanc) Although at first sight Anna Wright may be noticed for her beautiful brown hair, her eloquent fashion sense, and her fitting position of Health & Wellness editor, one should not be fooled. Anna Wright is awkward. Anna is known for spontaneously blushing a bright rose-like tint, and it is a proven fact that she breaks out in hives around cute boys. Along with being cursed with these odd, unnatural quirks, Anna adds to her awkwardness by wearing sandals that expose her abnormally long feet, occasionally wearing weird Irish dance-like shoes in public, and frequently expressing her love for cucumbers. However, fortunately for her, as said by her dear friend Afsah, Anna can pull off awkward. The abundance of awkward situations that Anna can find herself in on a daily basis, merely turn into stories which she can later text Jacqueline about in an all-caps conversation. To contact Anna, send her an email at