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Kaitlyn Marsh is a 18-year-old Senior who spends entirely too much time making figurines out of peach pits. In the little spare time she has, she tries her luck at meowing like a cat or playing golf. On occasion, she will pick up the violin, but that’s only when she’s particularly disinterested in whatever else is going on (or when Daphne makes her). She can write, and is the Sports editor for "The Rock." News is kind of her thing, even though it’s really not. She hates news. But, let’s be honest, no one else wants to write news and Kaitlyn’s the only one nice enough to take on the burden. Kaitlyn can be contacted at

Columbia Women’s Lacrosse maintains undefeated title, returns home with three wins

Kaitlyn Marsh
Saturday morning, Columbia Women’s Lacrosse (CWL) congregated at the Stryker Soccer Complex in Wichita, Kan. to participate in their first tournament of the season. Sunlight...