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Joanna Yu

Joanna Yu, known as Jojo to many, is a sweet and dependable senior. A musically gifted artist, Joanna enjoys Beethoven, Korean popular culture and boba tea.

Complex simplicity, PearFleur

This installment of Drawing the Lines features an artist who combines a wide range of subject matter with waves of soothing watercolor. PearFleur is...

Never ending color, Reid Fagerquist

In this installment of Drawing the Lines, things take a colorful twist with our featured artist: Reid Fagerquist, or known by her online handle...

Expression and character, Viria

In this installment of Drawing the Lines, I will be writing about the work of another internet artist. Featured in this post is Viktoria...

The elegance of Glenn Arthur

Hello again and welcome back to Drawing the Lines! In this installment, I will be focusing on the work of an artist who inspires...