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Tuesday, December 12, 2017
Sophomore Henry Utley

‘Henry the Viking’ upholds his Norse roots

Sophomore Henry Utley sets himself apart from most teenagers by identifying with the Germanic pagan spirituality.

Big fish in a big pond

Junior Bryce Cordry walks with purpose, his lanky legs propelling him forward in powerful strides. This quality serves him well; as a student worker...

Sophomore wants to get it ‘write’

Miller hopes to graduate early to become an authorWhen she was younger, sophomore Kailey Miller didn't like writing, even though she loved making up...

‘Pure determination, blood, sweat and tears’ Stricker journeys to Juilliard for dance

“Thank you.” The friendly yet intimidating ballet teacher tapped the shoulder of yet another young Juilliard hopeful who now quickly scrambled to collect her...