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Saturday, July 21, 2018

‘Love Means Zero’ gives price of being a champion

You trust and respect your coach and in exchange, your coach gives you the guidance to become greater than the sum of your parts. Love Means Zero takes this message to heart as it examines one of tennis' most controversial figures, Nick Bollettieri.

‘American Animals’ enthralls, offers truth to ‘buddy movie’

American Animals, a drama/crime film directed and written by Bart Layton, chronicles the escapades of four college students attempting a heist of very valuable books in their college library. The film also shows the events that led to the heist and the drama that ensued afterward.

‘The Family’ offers raw look at the ties that bind

What is family really? Is it a mother and a daughter, or maybe a girlfriend and a boyfriend? And can you have a good movie without a protagonist? What about without an antagonist? These questions are what director Rok Biček seems to want to address with his documentary The Family.

‘Flight of a Bullet’ bores with lack of direction

While "Flight of a Bullet" had a lot of potential in its subject matter, it was ultimately misused into a terrible film.