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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Power Rangers revitalizes childhood nostalgia

The beloved franchise receives a new film that brings a modern twist to its classic elements and is a delight to nostalgic fans.

Beauty and the Beast fails to meet expectations

With millions of dollars going to Beauty and the Beast's production and advertising, the movie raised expectations only to disappoint viewers.

One week with the Nintendo Switch

The new Nintendo Switch is a wonderful console, but does come with it's fair share of day one problems.

Exciting aspects of Russian society revealed in ‘The Road Movie’

This documentary revolving around video clips from Russian drivers' trucks is more gripping than it sounds.

‘Miss Kiet’s Children’ elicits joy, pride out of viewers

An inspiring documentary follows the lives of Syrian refugee children in a Dutch school.

‘Lindy Lou, Juror Number 2″, a not so exciting tale

With more than 120 people queueing in line, the expectation for such a large turnout would be that of a phenomenal movie. ‘Lindy Lou, Juror...