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Columbia, US
Saturday, July 21, 2018

Don't Lose Focus

Don’t Lose Focus: Taking it to the streets

Street photography is a type of candid photography which highlights scenes that one may see on the daily but fails to ever actually observe. We, as humans, tend to ignore the activities around us unless they are overly intrusive or interesting. This week, I test my sense of self-awareness by calling attention to subjects on the street.

Don’t Lose Focus: Far up above

This week, I look down upon my subjects and take on the regal test that is the high angle challenge.

Don’t Lose Focus: Come a little closer

This week, I wrestled with zoom-ins and blurry shots through the shallow depth of field challenge.

Don’t Lose Focus: A picture perfect friend

Portraits are some of the most common types of photos and can be taken by anyone and everyone. This week, I duke it out with the portrait challenge.